About us

CoursePivot as an Essay Writing and Online Tutoring Service

CoursePivot is a brand of two websites – coursepivot.com and coursepivot.org. We provide quality mini-lessons, experts’ guides on solving popular exam questions, textbook summaries, and tutoring services to college students in North America, Sub-saharan Africa, South East Asia, Europe, and South America. We work to bridge the gap between expert tutors in all major subjects and from different parts of the world, with students and learners in tertiary education. We hire expert tutors who deserve a chance to showcase their tutoring experience while transforming others’ lives. Homework and essay solutions are accessible via the provided email account, we usually send notifications once a tutor responds.

CoursePivot.com offers affordable homework help and essay writing services. Our focus is quality, professionalism, and originality in every solution uploaded by our expert tutors. Online tutoring and essay writing are our services alongside the sale of premium and verified textbook solutions. Payments and refunds are processed via PayPal using either a PayPal account or a bank card for those without a PayPal account.


To provide quality revision summaries and mini-lessons to everyone around the world. Our objective is to reach millions of students and scholars with quality summaries and mini-lessons.


To transform education by offering free and/or affordable materials, help the needy students, and provide expert help to all students globally.