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BUS 623 Strategic Workforce Planning Assignment

For the next 12 months, the first step is to use past data to assess demand changes and company labor capacity. It is crucial to identify specific seasons when the company is likely to experience high demand. The next step should be to determine the main objective for the company and set priorities accordingly. If the company prioritizes low operational costs, the company may need to hire just a few more employees. The available employees should be allocated to the most deserving departments or production units to ensure maximum productivity. If the company can hire new employees, it is necessary to identify the required knowledge and skills. Doing so can increase innovation and performance. During this period, the management might consider increasing diversity by bringing in employees from minorities and advertising the vacancies in places with candidates from diverse backgrounds, such as colleges.

It is advisable to hire contractors than in-house because this option saves money. The company would incur several expenses in-house than with contractors, such as office space and equipment. It also gives staffing flexibility to the company, especially if there is an expectation of workload fluctuations. Since employees have various rights under state and federal laws, they may raise claims against violation of rights. However, these laws do not apply to contractors. Thus, it could reduce legal claims. Using contractors and focusing on short-term agreements gives the highest returns on the invested resource because the long-term costs get eliminated, and there is a clear vision. Because 12 months is generally a short period, a short-term agreement could save time and money involved in recruiting. The company needs a constant evaluation of workers and their performance for timely response to industry changes. It should be able to anticipate these changes and future hiring needs. Building stable staffing levels across all departments with skills and knowledge to deliver the duties and responsibilities would result in a higher return on investment.

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