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Case Study: Using Statistics to Support Expansion Plans in a Health Care Facility

Case Study using statistics to support expansion plans evaluate the data from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Data and Surveys (

After reading the statistics, determine what services you would recommend if you were the administrator of a health care facility in Illinois, to expand what is available at your facility.

Support your recommendation with specific statistics from the table.

Illinois Profile Of the state’s 6.5 million women, nearly two thirds are non-Hispanic White. Its largest minority populations are non-Hispanic Black, at 16 percent, and Hispanic, at 14 percent. It ranks in the top 15 states in its low rates of death for suicide, unintentional injuries, diabetes-related causes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. It has a much poorer record in rates of death for breast cancer, coronary heart disease, influenza and pneumonia, and colorectal cancer. Not surprisingly, it ranks among the worst states in the percentage of women who have had recent colorectal cancer screening. Illinois ranks in the middle of the nation in cholesterol screening, mammograms, and Pap smears. Eighty-seven percent of its women have health insurance, with Hispanic women having the lowest rate of insurance coverage, at 68 percent.

The data indicates that the state ranks among the worst states in the percentage of women who have had a recent colorectal cancer screening. At the same time, it ranks in the middle of the nation in mammograms. Using this information, it is clear that the number of deaths related to colorectal cancer and breast cancer is understated. The facility should expand cancer screening programs/services through free community campaigns and educating the public on the importance of getting cancer tests. Treating the anticipated high cancer cases necessitates the expansion of cancer treatment services.

The state ranks 33th on cholesterol screening in 5 years. Yet, the state ranks 34th on high blood pressure cases, cases of obesity, and lack of physical activity. The state ranks in the middle of the nation in cholesterol screening. Even with fewer screened patients, the state still ranks 35th on deaths caused by coronary heart disease and 14th on cases of deaths that are diabetes-related. It ranks 29th on the number of people who eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day. Coronary heart disease, with which the state ranks 32nd, can be reduced by lifestyle changes. The facility should expand its nutrition programs and services to offer more nutrition screening and community education.

Out of the cancer-related deaths, lung cancer claims the highest number of patients, with the state ranking 28th. The number of lung cancer deaths among Non-Hispanic Whites and Non-Hispanic Blacks is almost twice those caused by breast cancer. It is crucial to have programs that target smoking, which is notably high considering the state rank of 26th. Expanding the counseling services to educate and counsel the smoking patients can also reduce suicide-related deaths that rank the state 8th in the nation. In summary, the facility needs to expand cancer screening and treatment services, counselling services and nutrition programs.

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