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Chapter 2 Reflection: Prenatal Development

Genetics and environmental factors have the most significant influence on human life. We inherit certain features from our parents during conception. This genetic inheritance influences our traits and behaviors. For instance, distinct adaptive concerns between men and women are evident in how they chose their mating partners, their life-long ambitions and so much more. On the other hand, the environment may determine whether the traits we inherit from our parents gets expressed or not. For example, someone might be genetically predisposed to psychiatric disorders such as bipolar disorder, but the person’s lifestyle may bring about the disease.

The chapter is rich in information vital pertaining to prenatal development. Life begins after conception and throughout the germinal period, embryonic period, and the fetal period, it is crucial to become aware of the environment and take precaution to protect the unborn. Whether it a close friend or relative that is pregnant, informing them about the dangers of teratogens such as alcohol and drugs is crucial. Information about complications in pregnancy and delivery and maternal mortality is helpful in advancing the care of our loves ones.

The evolutionary perspective is more relevant because it gives light to individual differences. It explains among other things, how gender differences evolve. Fertile individuals have more chances of reproducing and transferring the traits to the next generation hence highly represented in the future generations. I argue that women are highly invested in prenatal development than men. Consequently, they become more selective in their mates and prefer those with likable traits including resources. The chapter’s content is helpful to me, because it describes the cause of gender differences. For example, modern women have inherited the evolutionary trait to desire mates that possess resources and willing to share them.

Since our environment has a significant impact on our traits and behaviors, it is necessary to be careful in how we expose ourselves and handle environmental factors. If it is adopting an infant, for instance, analyzing their background and environment they lived in prior is crucial. Additionally, the kind of environment into which we subject children should be favorable to the traits we want to see in them. The text could however have given a better overview of how the society is implementing this knowledge in addressing psychological disorders.

I would like to learn more about social implications of infertility in various societies. Infertility is such a critical issue in the modern world. How the society treats those suffering from it can determine the quality of life they live and consequently may point out the cause of certain stress disorders among infertile couples.

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