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Chapter 25 Guided Reading Questions

Directions: Read Chapter 25 and review the Guided Reading Packet provided on the Canvas portal. Once complete. Answer the following questions provided below. Answer the questions on the word document and submit the document in to the canvas portal. The assignment is worth 50 points.
• Analyze the reasons why WWI was not “the war to end all wars,” as Woodrow Wilson had hoped. Define and explain each policy in detail, and review the analysis of “why it didn’t work.”

This was not the war to end all wars because the fundation of it was very weak and fragile. In Asia, Japan was threatening China and in Europe, The nazi party under adolf hitler was on the rise.
Herbert Hoovers Foreign Policy- Isolationism, didn’t work because other nations war affected the american economy and people.
FDR’s Good Neighbor Policy- Cooperate and trade with surrounding countries in order to have support against common enemy and to succeed economically.

• Evaluate the effectiveness of Franklin Roosevelt’s foreign policies from 1933-1938.
Franklin Roosevelt’s foreign policies were to not take them over and help them by force but to actually trade with them and support them. I would not say this policy was successful because Mexico who would have been a part of our good neighbor policy tried to seize oil properties owned by corporaions in the U.S.

• Explain why the United States to change its foreign policy from neutrality to interventionism
The U.S. switched to interventionism because we could not sit back while there was a massive war that was affecting us and would affect us with the outcome. With nuetrality, other nations will see you as an enemy if you are still trading with the opposing country even though you may also be trading with them.

• Analyze the ways Americans responded to and contributed to the war effort on the home front.
The isolationist opposed the draft that was happening for the war, but they were out numbered by all the people who viewed Germany as a threat to the U.S. After Roosevelt had chipped away at neutrality policies, the majority of America wanted to go to war.

• Explain how the Allies defeated the Axis Powers, and evaluate the effectiveness of American troops and foreign policies.
They defeated the axis of powers by controlling the sea and the sky making it very difficult for them to attack by those two fronts. American troops were very successful during the war, ultimately ensuring that Germany would lose the war.

• Explain how and why U.S. foreign policy changed from isolationism to interventionism as a result of WWII.

The U.S. switched to interventionism because we could not sit back while there was a massive war that was affecting us and would affect us with the outcome. With nuetrality, other nations will see you as an enemy if you are still trading with the opposing country even though you may also be trading with them.

• Compare the legacy of WWII to the legacy of WWI.
Not very many people know a lot of information about WWI because it is in the shadow of WWII. WWII was such a massive war that the previous World War isn’t seen as important or gruesome as it once was.

• Evaluate the differences and similarities between Teddy Roosevelt and FDR.
These two president shad many differences such as they were opposite politcial parties there foreign policies, FDR had his good neighbor policy while Teddy had big stick diplomacy.

• In what ways were these conferences aimed at ending the war, and in what ways were they aimed at preventing another war? Explain your answer (Casablanca, Tehran, Yalta, and Postdam)
Casa Blanca was a meeting on strategy to win the war.
Tehran was a meeting of strategy once again in order to free france and invade germany. Yalta was a conference after the war to split germany and to start world peace organization. Postdam was a meeting to demand Japans surrender and to hold war crimes on Nazi leaders.

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