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Early Childhood Reflection Paper

Every time I think about early childhood, memories of things that happened many years ago come to life; playing with mud, toys, joining other children after school to play hide and seek and other games, and all the childish acts. In those days, the punishment was often physical. As I grew, I realized the differences between me and other children, such as those that used their left hand to take notes, play, and do other activities that would require the right hand.

I got vital information on intervention programs that could help design intervention programs for children. I could also use such information to advise parents to engage their children in those programs and stress the significance of education quality. I would want my children and siblings to engage in intervention programs and school activities that help them developmentally. For example, by understanding the effects of media on children – both positive and negative, I can plan and control what they watch.

Motor development, more so the role of the environment in development, is more relevant because surroundings influence other developmental areas. For example, if a child can crawl on grass, they can more easily explore their physical environment, consequently affecting cognitive development. Information about health in childhood was more helpful in the reading, especially on nutritional differences between developed and developing nations, because it is evident in modern society. For instance, the images of malnourished children in Yemen and other third-world countries exemplify in nutritional deficiencies.

I have gained a better understanding of the role of childhood experiences, intervention programs, and quality preschool education. I can give better advice to parents regarding early development and better understand its implications on adulthood. But, the reading did connect these experiences with internalizing and externalizing problems in adulthood, which I assume could be associated with early childhood development.

I would want to learn more about left-handedness and its genetic aspect. The reading has shown that one possible cause of this behavior. Understanding more about this association could be fascinating. Additionally, I would like to learn more about the connection between childhood experiences and adulthood life.

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