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MAN 3301 Homework Assignment – Chapter 5 Name: _Paola Hector

  1. Explain what is meant by applicant testing concepts, including validity and reliability.
    An example of applicant test concepts can be seen with the company Outback. Outback
    is looking for social, meticulous, sympathetic, and adaptable employees. Therefore,
    Outback uses personality assessment test as part of a three-step pre-employment
    interview process.
    Validity refers to the accuracy with which test, interview, etc. measures what it purports
    to measure or fulfills the function it was designed to fulfill.
    Reliability refers to the consistency of test scores obtained by the same person when the
    person is retested with the identical test or with an equivalent form a test.
  2. Discuss basic types of personnel tests.
    A. Intelligence Tests (IQ) – tests of general intellectual abilities including memory,
    vocabulary, verbal fluency, and numeric ability.
    B. Motor and Physical Abilities Testing- measures finger dexterity, strength, manual
    dexterity and reaction time.
    C. Stromberg Dexterity Test- Measures the speed and accuracy of simple judgment as
    well as the speed finger, hand, and arm movements.
    D. Interest inventories- compares one’s interested with those of people in various
    E. Achievement Tests-Measures what a person has learned.
    F. Personality Test 1.Conscientiousness shows a consistent relationship with all job
    performance criteria 2. Extroversion is a valid predictor of performance for managers
    and sales employees. 3. Openness to experience and extroversion predicts training
    proficiency for all occupations. 4.
  3. Explain the factors and problems that can undermine an interview’s usefulness, and
    techniques for eliminating them. Problems that can undermine an interview’s usefulness
    include: A. Situational interviews yield a higher mean validity than behavioral interviews
    B. Structured interviews are generally more useful for predicting job performance.
    C. One-on-one interviews tend to be more valid than panel interviews.
    Steps on Conducting An Effective Interview
    A. Structure the interview
    B. Review background
    C. Establish rapport
    D. Ask questions
    E. Close the interview
    F. Review the interview
    How To Avoid Common Interview Mistakes
    A. Do not make snap judgments.
    C. Avoid negative emphasis or jumping to conclusions.
    D. Not knowing the job.
    E. Pressure to hire.
  4. Explain the shortcomings of background investigations, reference checks, and preemployment information services and how overcome them.
    A. Most commonly verified background areas are legal eligibility for employment, dates of prior
    employment, military service, education, and identification.
    B. Other items should include county criminal records, motor vehicle record, credit, licensing
    verification, Social Security number, and reference checks.
    C. Most employers try to directly verify an applicant’s current position, salary, and employment
    dates with his or her current employer by phone.
    D. Others call the applicant’s current and previous supervisors to try to discover more about
    the applicant’s motivation, technical competence, and ability to work with others.
    E. More employers are checking candidates’ networking sites’ postings.

    F. Recruiters found that 31% of applicants had lied about their qualifications and 19% had
    posted information about their drinking or drug use.
    Making Reference Checks More Useful
  5. Have the candidate sign a release.
  6. Obtain two forms of identification.
  7. Ensure the applicants fully complete the application.
  8. Use a structured reference-checking form.
  9. Use the references offered by the applicant as a source of other people who may know of the
    applicant’s performance.
    MAN 3301 Homework Assignment – Chapter 6 Name: _Paola Hector

  1. List and describe the basic training process.
    Employee Orientation Programs-Provide new employees with basic background
    information needed to perform their jobs in a satisfactorily manner.
    Socialization-The continuing process of instilling in all employees the attitudes,
    standards, values and behavior patterns expected by the company.
    The new employee orientation program should:
    A. Make employees welcome.
    B. Articulate the organization’s mission and provide a sense of general operations
    D. Be clear about what the firm expects in terms of employee attitudes and work
    E. Begin the process of socialization.
    Taining Today
    Process of teaching new employees with the basic skills they need to perform their
    A. Training is increasingly technology based.
    B. Trainers tend to focus more on improving organizational performance.
    C. Training topics and skills focus are much broader today than they were years ago.
  2. Discuss at least two techniques or methods used to assess training needs.
    Behavioral modeling- Involves showing trainees the right (or model) way of doing
    something, letting each person practice the right way to do it, and providing feedback
    regarding performance.
    B. A widely used, well research and highly regarded psychologically based training method.
    Mobile learning- Delivering learning content on demand via mobile devices like cell phones,
    laptops, and iPhones, wherever and whenever the learner wants to access it.
    B. “On demand learning”
  3. Explain the pros and cons of various training techniques used by companies.
    Case Study Method:
    A. Presents a trainee with a written description of an organizational problem or issue.
    B. Trainee analyzes the case, diagnoses the problem, and presents findings and
    proposed solutions.
    Action Learning:
    A. Another method of on-the-job training which gives groups of managers released
    time to work (full-time) analyzing and solving problems in departments other
    than their own.
    Job Rotation:
    A. Moving management trainees from department to department to broaden
    their understanding of all parts of the business
  4. Explain what management development is and why it is important to an organization.
    A. Aimed at changing the attitudes, values, and beliefs of employees so that employees
    can improve the organization and change its culture.
    B. Change process through which employees diagnose and formulate the change that’s
    required and implement it, often with the assistance of trained consultants.
  5. Describe the main management development techniques.

    Training Effects to Measure include:
    A. Reaction: What were trainees’ reactions to the program (Likes/Dislikes)?
    B. Learning: How well did employees learn principles, skills and facts?
    C. Behavior: What job behaviors changed?
    E. Results: What final results were achieved in meeting instructional training & program
     Controlled experimentation is one of the best methods to use in evaluating a
    training program.
    A. It is a formal method for testing the effectiveness of a training program,
    using a control group that does not receive training and an experiment
    group that receives training, preferably with before-and-after tests for
    both groups.

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