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Management Chapter Three Revision Summary

The matrix structure is the correct structure when three conditions are met. What is one of the three conditions?
Pressure exists to share scarce resources across product lines.

Which statement best defines the role of a “full-time integrator”?
He or she is responsible for the entire project and is located outside of any one department.

Chantal Roy is the vice-president of marketing for her company. Other officers in the company include the vice-presidents of engineering, production, finance, and human resource management. What type of structure does this small company have?

Refer to Organizational Chart 3.2. From the perspective of an organizational structure analyst, what is the best assessment of the structure shown in Organizational Chart 3.2?
The customer account executives can be considered to be integrators.

Refer to Organizational Chart 3.1. From the perspective of an organizational structure analyst, what is the best assessment of the structure shown in Organizational Chart 3.1?
It could have a weakness of slow response to environmental changes that require coordination across functional areas.

Which of the following is made up of organizationally or geographically dispersed members who are linked primarily through advanced information and communications technologies?
virtual teams

When does a liaison role exist?
when a person located in one department is required to communicate and coordinate other departments

What is characteristic of an organization with a functional structure?
It often results in hierarchy overload.

When is the geographic structure the correct structure to implement?
Different regions require vertical information linkages.

What horizontal linkage mechanism includes a liaison person who communicates and coordinates activities between other departments?
direct contact

What is one of the benefits of the horizontal structure?
It promotes flexibility and rapid response to changes in customer needs.

Refer to Organizational Chart 3.2. Which statement best describes the structure of this organization?
The structure is primarily functional.

Which of the following would best be linked with “full-time integrator”?
product manager

What is a key aspect of an organization whose employees are assigned to core processes along a horizontal structure?
Self-directed teams are the basis of the organizational design and performance.

What element of organizational structure deals with the pattern of interactions among employees?
the design of systems to ensure effective communication, coordination, and integration of effort across each position

What is likely to be the result if a domestic company that manufactures four different types of products changes from a functional structure to a divisional structure?
better coordination within a product area between different functional areas

Refer to Organizational Chart 3.1. What can we accurately conclude from Organizational Chart 3.1?
The company has a functional structure.

What is one of the benefits of a matrix structure?
It maintains dual-authority relationships.

Refer to Organizational Chart 3.1. What are some of the strengths of the structure shown in Organizational Chart 3.1?
economies of scale

What are too much conflict and delayed decision-making symptoms of?
structural deficiency

What is one of the benefits of a product or divisional structure?
It allows units to adapt to differences in products, regions, and clients.

Which of the following are used to coordinate activities between the top and bottom of an organization and are designed primarily for control of the organization?
vertical linkages

Refer to Organizational Chart 3.2. Which statement is the best assessment of this organizational structure?
If well managed, it achieves coordination both within and between customer accounts.

What structural device includes periodic reports, written information, and computer-based communications distributed to managers?
vertical information systems

A company wishes to maintain its basic functional structure, but is having difficulty coordinating across departments because of growth. What should it do?
It should develop horizontal linkages.

What is a potential weakness of the horizontal structure?
Determining core processes to organize around is often difficult.

Which of the following is being used when problems and decisions are funnelled to top levels of the hierarchy for resolution?
centralized decision making

What is one of the benefits of a virtual network structure?
Organizations gain immediate scale without huge investments in factories.

Two types of hybrid structures are common today. What two things do these structures combine?
functional and divisional structures; functional and horizontal structures

What is a potential weakness of a virtual network structure?
A great deal of time is required to manage relationships with contract partners.

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