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Marigold Dairy Corporation Case

Do you approve of this marketing plan?

As a senior vice president for Marigold, I would approve the marketing plan. I would have thought about the benefits to society and the company. Malnourished mothers in areas stricken by civil wars and drought can feed their children this milk and save lives. The company can benefit from this market and earn profits. The marketing strategy cannot be regarded as unethical. So, I would be okay with convincing parents to use the milk formula for their babies.

What would a rights theorist do?

A rights theorist believes that there are norms that must be maintained despite the circumstances. Actions must be moral and ethically right. A rights theorist believes in protecting the rights of people, providing a protective blanket to all beneficiaries. For the above marketing strategy, they would not agree with the marketing of artificial milk formula for babies. Breastfeeding gives an infant the required protective immunity at an early age, something that a milk formula cannot provide. Breastfeeding also helps create a bond between the mother and the child, a link that cannot be possible with milk formula. For a rights theorist, such an option denies a child that connection with their mother.

What would a utilitarian do?

A utilitarian would take the option that produces the greatest benefit to the most number of people. Utilitarians believe the best action should result in the overall happiness of society. They might agree to the marketing strategy because it could benefit mothers in drought areas – the majority of whom live in the target market.

What would a profit maximizer do?

A profit maximizer believes in choosing the actions that produce the greatest profit for the company and would agree with the marketing strategy as it would increase profit for Marigold.

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