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The central dogma of life overview

Central Dogma of life is a theory that describes how the genetic information stored in the nucleus in the form of DNA, is used to synthesize mRNA and then proteins. DNA is double-stranded while mRNA is single-stranded in most cases. DNA strands are anti-parallel such that one strand runs

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Chloroplast functions, and adaptation

Sunlight is a form of energy used in photosynthesis, consisting of a mixture of different colors of the visible light. The light-absorbing pigment in leaves is found within the thylakoids whose structure is saclike. Stacks of thylakoids form grana and the fluid that surrounds these thylakoids is called the

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Genotype and Phenotype: everything you need to know

The passing of traits from parents to offspring is called heredity. If a trait reappears in the second generation after disappearing in the first generation, this is defined as recessive. Heredity was first discovered by Gregor Mendel through his studies on pea plants. Genotype refers to the combination of

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Theoretical Yield: All you need to know

Theoretical yield is the amount of substance that is formed in a chemical reaction. Steps Balance the chemical equation Determine the mole ratio between the given reactant and product in question Find the unknown using the formula Moles = mass / molar mass Use mole ratio to find the

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Adaptive immunity: Everything you need to know

Adaptive immunity is the body’s ability to recognize and mount an effective immune response against invaders whether bacteria, protozoa, or viruses. Adaptive immunity relies on antibodies that are produced by differentiation of B cells, and which recognize antigens. Antigens are molecules that trigger an immune response and maybe a

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