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S&M Review 002

Direct questions:


  1. Up until this day, what do you consider to be the biggest disappointment in your life?
  2. Are you willing to relocate your habitat for this job?
  3. How do you feel about the way you were treated by your last employer?
  4. What was the most difficult decision you ever had to make as a leader?
  • A bill of lading generally will have the following components: Name of the shipping company, Ship’s name or designation, Description of the freighted goods; – Payment if it was prepaid or postpaid- Terms of the carriage contract – Date of loading goods on ship – Who is to be notified on arrival of the shipment at its destination – Departure and final destination
  • Not any person can be qualified to be a salesperson, there are several responsibilities that a salesperson must take into consideration.

A salesperson needs to be first a Personable and interactive to attract his customers, he must be focused and must have good listening skills as well as verbal and written skills.

being organized and adaptive and determined to finish his job while overcoming his objections.

  • The key elements that need to be achieved in the hiring process to make the best salesperson selection:
    • Screening and interviews
    • Check credits and background
    • Psychological and achievement tests
    • Physical exams

These are crucial for making the perfect selection of a salesperson

  • The consumer buying decisions process is the following in respectful order:
  • Problem awareness
  • Information gathering
  • Evaluation of products
  • Selection of product
  • Purchase of the product
  • Sales promotions are the techniques that salespeople and companies use in the marketing process. It mainly helps to encourage repeated purchases and building long-term customer loyalty. It also helps in widening or increasing the distribution of a product or brand. Sales promotions include: Price reductions; Vouchers or coupons; Gifts; Competitions; Lotteries; Cash bonuses etc…


Questions 1. What do you think Bloom should do?

Bloom should not reject his CEO’s decision, since Mr. Treadgold knows very well why he is pressuring his manager to seek Kelleher’s return, as a CEO he has the vision and experience to know that this woman is able to orchestrate a turnaround for his company based on what her previous numbers and KPIs were indicating. Another major plus that Susan Kelleher can give is the fact that she has worked for two years within a competitor’s company, that means she can be a huge support in the market to help Shield overpass its rivals.

 If he didn’t at least meet with these reps, would he lose them – either physically (to the competition) or mentally (the reps might be disappointed because they were not considered for the spot)?

If he has not met his reps and the news about the new job vacancy hasn’t been filled yet, the reps wouldn’t know about what’s going on and if they were disregarded or not. But if the news was out and everyone knew what was going on, these reps could be disappointed, but small motivational moves can be performed by Bloom to keep these reps motivated for work:

  • More challenges can be given to representatives that may help unravel their hidden potentials
  • Bonuses can be given to distract the reps from the situation

 If he does meet with them, how does he conduct the interviews when he knows that he has only one true choice to fill the spot?

Bloom must curve his way through this situation, his CEO made a decision and will not revoke it, so if he met with them and must face the reps with a rejection, his interviews much include motivation for the role as representative before the encouragement of becoming an assistant manager. They must be told that they are candidates to become assistant manager because of the great outcome and achievements they’re doing in their role as sales reps. but the most important issue is that they must know that there is still a long way to go and even if not taken they will always be respected for what they do.

If Bloom finds a great candidate for the role but could not give it, they can simply promote the person from sales rep to product specialist for example. That way the rep would be awarded for his effort and potential, and Bloom managed to keep all parties happy.

 Should Bloom take a huge risk and confront Treadgold with a solid explanation of why he should promote from within rather than rehire Kelleher?

When a CEO requires something, its not coming out of nowhere, but they can be wrong.

In reality, rehiring Kelleher is much more costly than promoting from within. Plus, kelleher broke the company’s trust and went to the competitor, nothing can stop her from doing it again. But Treadgold gave a green light to do whatever it takes to bring her back. That means he knows what he’s doing. So I believe Bloom must keep the communication channel widely open with Treadgold, putting all

the pros and the cons of this move in order to come up with the best outcome that makes everyone happy and gives the best efficiency and bigger numbers to the company.


1.       Should Doug be patient and wait for Primary to complete the job, or should he risk going with AllBright?

  • 2. What other options does Doug have? (both questions answered in one paragraph)

Both decisions need to be very carefully taken and must be followed with a sequence of moves that Doug has to do in order to make a final decision.

First he must appeal this behavior from Primary and request compensation for their delay, either by reducing the price tag of the whole project according to the gains that Shield may have in the 2 additional months or by requesting additional services that may have had a charge (of course this time free of charge).

If Primary doesn’t have any positive answer, Shield may have the right (if any legal contracts were signed) to file a suit against Primary and get reimbursed their money or at least regain their rights.

Before disregarding Primary and taking the risk of going with Allbright, since doug has already made the year-end sales projections, he may be able to know how much money would be saved if the deadline was faced earlier. According to the numbers given, he can take the decision:

If the profits within the first months of working with Allbright overpass the 12,000$, disregarding Primary would be possible, if not, then legal actions must be taken, and compensation must be required.

3.  Are ethical issues involved?

A major ethical issue is involved here: Deception.

Primary did not meet the required deadline and simply “apologized” putting Shield in a very awkward situation. They mislead them in order to secure an order and made sure that Shield paid unrecoverable money.

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