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Subject to Section 2


Need a self- explanatory analysis of the following of a Union contract after reviewing the same.

Article 5 – Union Security

Section 1           Subject to Section 2 below, the University shall require as a condition of employment for each eligible Employee to become a member of the Union in good standing no later than the 30th day following the later of (1) the date this collective bargaining agreement is ratified, or (2) his or her date of hire. A member of the Union in good standing means an Employee who has paid his or her dues and assessments of the Union.

Section 2           Any employee who does not voluntarily become and remain a member in good standing of the Union shall be required as a condition of continued employment to pay to the Union an agency fee (a service charge as a contribution toward the cost of the administration of this Agreement and representation by the Union) beginning no later than the 30th day following the later of (1) the date this collective bargaining agreement ratified or (2) his or her date of hire. The amount of such agency fee shall be determined by the Union, in accordance with applicable law, as a percentage of full dues uniformly required to be paid and initiation fees by those who choose to become members of the Union.

Section 3           If any faculty member shall fall one (1) month on arrears with respect to Union dues, assessments and/or agency fees, the University shall, upon written notice from the Union discharge the faculty member covered by this Agreement within one (1) week after the end of the academic term in which that notice is received by the University. 

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