10-2 Journal: Learning and Career Growth Paper


Program planning is an extensive and complex process. That is why it is important to understand not only the overall process but also the many nuances of the process. Through the various assignments and the course project, you applied principles and best practices in program planning and leadership. You also explored program evaluation methodologies and determined the best choice for your program.
It is now time to look back at your journey through this course and look ahead at the future prospects for your current or future career(s). This assignment will help you understand how the information you learned in the course will help you improve professionally and understand how you will use this information in your future roles.
Write a journal reflecting on the information you learned from this course, and describe how you would apply this new knowledge or these new skills to your current or future career goals.
Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:
1. Reflection on Course Learning: Summarize what new information you learned from this course related to program planning, design, and evaluation. Consider the following questions:
• How has this course helped you gain a deeper understanding of program planning, design, and evaluation?
• Which aspect(s) of program planning, design, and evaluation have influenced your deepened understanding and why?
2. Program Planning Skills: Describe the program planning skills you learned in this course that will help you in your career growth. Anticipative thinking rather than responding, coordination between daily decisions and general goals and strategies
3. Applications of Course Learning: Describe how course learnings will help your current or future role in healthcare. Consider the following question:
• How will you apply any two concepts discussed in this course to your current or future position in healthcare?
Guidelines for Submission
Your submission should include a 1- to 2-page Word document with your reflection. Also include a title page. Use 12-point Times New Roman font, double spacing, and one-inch margins. Any sources should be cited according to APA 7th Edition style.

Answer and ExplanationSolution by a verified expert

I've learned valuable information this semester that will help me in the future and with my current healthcare position. I've learned how to successfully design and organize a program that can significantly improve working conditions at a healthcare institution for staff members, management, and, most importantly, the patients we serve. Currently, I work in sourcing, procurement, and third-party vendor contracts, and budgets were not my strong point. But while I worked on this project, I learned more about them and how crucial it is to have one. Since I work in clinical research, should I decide to move into another position at the company I work for, these skills will help me significantly. I will be able to develop budgets for a clinical trial.

Making a good program involves doing a lot of research and planning a budget. I gained knowledge on how to correctly create and plan to implement a budget via this course and how to investigate what was required to make my program effective precisely. When I began my project, I had no idea how substantial the money needed to be for it to succeed. I used my manager as a mentor, who guided me in the budget submission process and onboarding of a new clinical trial. This gave me valuable insight into how to organize this program and carry it out effectively; however, I know that I still need some work and practice on implementation.

As I previously stated, this course has been beneficial to me because I intend to someday be in a position to improve my organization, preferably in the operations of the research department. I have been in research for over five years as a study manager. The new role I am currently in has shown me that, with just a small modification, it could be done much more successfully for our patients and us as employees. We have a new program that allows us to suggest new standards and how we would implement them. I aim to suggest what I see on the back end that the study managers lack and could use to make their job easier. I hope this will have a trickle effect and help make work life easier for all staff in general.

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