19. What is the most intuitive base for the mechanism to restrict over-production?


Please answer the following questions
1.    Does Toyota have a higher or lower net profit over the industry average? How much?
2.    What percentage of manufacturers have implemented Lean?
3.    Why could the Japanese not attributed a failure to implement lean due to lack of knowledge?
4.    The failure to successfully implement Lean is what?
List the four concepts underlying Ford’s flow lines:
5.    ______________________________________
6.    ______________________________________
7.    What was Ohno’s primary objective?
8.    When is it justified to dedicate a line to producing each component?
9.    Ohno relates his production solution to what?
10. What is the name of the system that guides the operation when not to produce?
11. How did Ohno overcome the setup obstacle?
12. What is the analogy that Goldratt uses in his article to explain Lean and the Kanban system?
13. Ohno’s approach to developing Lean demonstrates what important idea?
14. Since the Kanban system takes time to implement it has to be done in what kind of environment?
15. Why is Hitachi Tool Engineering not able to implement Lean?
List the three lessons learned from Ohno’s work.
19. What is the most intuitive base for the mechanism to restrict over-production?
20. The most basic objective to supply chain management is what?

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