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Category: Management
Given this linear programming model, solve the model and then answer the questions that follow. Maximize Z = 12x1 + 18x2 + 15x3 where x1 = the quantity of product 1 to make, etc. Subject to: Machine 5x1 + 4x2 + 3x3 ≤ 160 minutes Labor 4x1 + 10x2 + 4x3 ≤ 288 hours Materials 2x1 + 2x2 + 4x3 ≤ 200 poun...
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f Here is the step-by-step explanation, verified by an educator: Step 1 of 7 Calculate the ratio of change in Product 1 by dividing an increase in profit per unit (View full solution)
Category: Management
A chocolate maker has contracted to operate a small candy counter in a fashionable store. To start with, the selection of offerings will be intentionally limited. The counter will offer a regular mix of candy made up of equal parts of cashews, raisins, caramels, and chocolates, and a deluxe mix that...
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b Here is a tip: Optimal quantity is the amount of products that are going to help in achieving maximum profit. Quantity of each item is as follows: Item R: (View full solution)
Category: Management
The manager of the deli section of a grocery superstore has just learned that the department has 112 pounds of mayonnaise, of which 70 pounds is approaching its expiration date and must be used. To use up the mayonnaise, the manager has decided to prepare two items: a ham spread and a deli spread. E...
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b Here is the step-by-step explanation, verified by an educator: Step 1 of 4 Formulate the equation to maximize profit (Z); x1 being the number of pans of Item H (View full solution)
Category: Management
A small firm makes three similar products, which all follow the same three-step process, consisting of milling, inspection, and drilling. Product A requires 12 minutes of milling, 5 minutes for inspection, and 10 minutes of drilling per unit; product B requires 10 minutes of milling, 4 minutes for ...
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Here is the step-by-step explanation, verified by an educator: Step 1 of 6 Formulate the linear programming model for the maximization of profit by putting values into the equation. \begin{aligned} (View full solution)
Category: Management
A retired couple supplement their income by making fruit pies, which they sell to a local grocery store. During the month of September, they produce apple and grape pies. The apple pies are sold for $4.50 to the grocer, and the grape pies are sold for $3.60. The couple is able to sell all of the pie...
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b Here is a tip: Selling price of a product is the price at which the product is sold. It may or may not be equal to the marked price (View full solution)
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