Assume you are doing a report on best practices in serving internal customers.

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Assume you are doing a report on best practices in serving internal customers.


Assume you are doing a report on best practices in serving internal customers. Reread your responses to the What Do You Think? questions that you completed throughout this chapter. What are some day-to-day practices that support internal customers? What situations and practices might diminish efforts to support colleagues in an organization? What skills are required to serve internal customers well? Compile your responses, as directed by your instructor.

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The internal customers of the company involve everyone that uses the resources and software of the company to serve the external customers. The major proportion of internal customers consists of employees. The company has to make sure that it satisfies the internal customers to enhance the productivity of the company and enhance customer satisfaction.

The activities that can encourage internal customers are as follows:

Supportive colleagues - The practice of encouraging colleagues to be supportive to each other enhances the job satisfaction level in the employees. This is because the employees tend to work more effectively with the support of each other. It is also good if the departments of the organization support each other.
The sincerity of relationships - The management is encouraging the practices of encouraging a sincere attitude of the employees toward each other. This encouraging practice of sincere relationships involves rewarding the employees for being time players and helping others to achieve their targets. These activities are necessary to support team spirit in its internal customers.
Friendly work culture - The management practices encourage a culture that is friendly and enables the employees to treat the organization like their home and share their problems and concerns. This practice also supports internal customers.

The practices that reduce supportive efforts toward colleagues are as follows:

Unhealthy work relationships - Unhealthy practices include having a lack of trust and competing with each other through unfair means. These practices lead to job dissatisfaction for internal customers along with having an unpleasant environment in the organization.
Too much attention to rewards - Employee morale also declines if the management gives too much importance to the rewards. The employees also focus more on the number of targets rather than improving the quality of their performance. This also reduces the quality of services these internal customers provide to the external customers.

The situations that might diminish the efforts to help colleagues are as follows:

The situation in which the manager puts pressure on the employees to achieve targets - The employee's efforts of supporting the other employees might diminish because of certain situations that have a huge impact on the employees, such as the situation of employees being under tremendous pressure with little to no understanding from the superior might reduce their efforts to help colleagues.
The situation in which the colleagues compete with each other unfairly - The competition between employees is encouraging and is good for improving their performance. However, this situation reduces the employees willingness to help other employees. The focus shifts from cooperation to competition.
There are different skills that the manager has to possess to ensure these internal customers feel supported and have job satisfaction. These skills are explained as follows:

Motivation skill - The manager has to have motivation skills to ensure that the employees are motivated at the times they are dissatisfied and unwilling to work.
Planning skill - The manager also has to have the planning skills to ensure that the functioning of the organization is smoothly planned and the internal customers such as employees are clear about their contribution to the success of the company.
Sample Response
The following are the daily activities that can help internal customers:

Supportive colleagues
Sincerity of relationships
Friendly work culture

The following are the practices that might reduce efforts toward helping other colleagues:

Practices causing unhealthy work relationships
Management's practices of giving too much attention to rewards

The following situations might reduce the supportive efforts toward colleagues:

The situation in which the manager puts pressure on the employees to achieve targets.
The situation in which the colleagues compete with each other unfairly.

The following skills will help in serving the internal customer better:

Motivation skill
Planning skill

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