b) Explain the responsibilities of contract manager in relation to:


Ques 1
(a) Doris Abbey is a successful Opera singer. She has been contracted by the The contract required her, to attend a in- day rehearsal, to get her prepared for the grand occasion. She attended all the required rehearsals. On the day of the induction, she fell ill and was Hospitalizated, so the ceremony had to cancelled. This state of affairs same a source of desperation and worry to the event organisers considering that Doris had already been paid GHS 20,000 as fees.   Identity the legal issues in the above case and discuss how it should be resolved Indicating the remedies that could be available to the Methodist University College.
Final year students of the Wesley’s mission school decided to hold a party to celebrate the success end of their three-year degree program. In line with this decision, they contributed a total amount GHS 30,000. The amount was paid to coconut Regency Hotel in Accra, to organise the event for them. The date set for the event was 30th April 2017. On the 29th April, the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation carried a news item which said that the Coconut Regency Hotel has been gutted by a midnight fire, leaving the hotel has been gutted by a midnight fire, leaving the entire hotel in ashes. This new brought unnecessary tension and agitation amongst the students.
Using appropriate case law advice the students in respect of any remedies which could avail them.
(c) With relevant examples explain the following types of contractual risks:
i. Technological risks
iI. Economic risks
iii. Legal risks
iv. Environmental risks
2. a) With the aid of relevant cases, explain how the battle forms are resolved.
b) Explain the responsibilities of contract manager in relation to:
i. Ordering and payment responsibilities
iI. Risks assessment and risk management
iii. Contract development
iv. Contract maintenance, updating and change control.

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