Ba118 assignment #1 customer behavior, and strategy plan


Ba118 assignment #1 customer behavior, and strategy plan


Due 1/29/23

Using what you’ve learned in your study plans:
Identify target customers and how to keep them, based on psychographic, behavioristic, geographic, and demographic characteristics
Demonstrate the importance of understanding and using customer behavior as a component in a competitive sales strategy
Utilize relevant technology-based business applications (Word or PowerPoint)

You are a new manager for a retail store. The store is established and well known in the community. You noticed that for the past six months, your store has had a decrease in customer traffic, and therefore, lower sales. You are concerned that perhaps the marketing for your store has started distancing your customers or that a competitor in the neighborhood is doing a better job reaching your customers. You understand that it will take a good amount of research and time to discover the cause of this loss of customer traffic.

You are meeting with the director (your boss) in a few weeks, and you think if you make a strong enough presentation, you can get approval for this involved research project.

You will create a presentation discussing the impact that psychographics, behavioristics, geographic, and demographics have on customer behavior. You will also cover the influence that your target customer’s behavior has on a sustainable competitive strategy for your retail store.

Submit a 2-3 page written, narrative presentation, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1″ margins (only use one line for the heading to state your name – BA118 – the date).


Submit a PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of 10 slides: a title page, content slides, and a conclusion. Upload your presentation to the assignment by the due date.

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