Can Lewis recover the automobile from Turner? Explain.

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Can Lewis recover the automobile from Turner? Explain.


Yount told Lewis he wished to buy Lewis’s automobile. He drove the car for about ten minutes, returned to Lewis, stated he wanted to take the automobile to show it to his wife, and then left with the automobile and never returned. Yount sold the automobile in another State to Turner and gave him a bill of sale. Can Lewis recover the automobile from Turner? Explain.

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Section 2-403 (1) (d) states that a person may attain the voidable title and sell the goods, even though the person secured the carriage through fraud, which is illegal under the criminal law. This condition is fulfilled in this case. The transfer of the title has been given to Person T, a good faith purchaser. So, Person L may not win the case.

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The case is going to be in favor of Person T since the person has the title to the automobile. Person Y may have secured the voidable title, which has empowered them to redirect goods title to Person T, a bona fide patron for value.

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