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Explain in detail each step in a union drive and election.


Explain in detail each step in a union drive and election.


Explain in detail each step in a union drive and election.

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Elections are the process of choosing the candidate by voting for them.

Following steps are followed in union elections:
First contact: In the early stages, the union representative is given the task to find the curiosity of the employees to build an organization committee.
Receiving authorization cards: Some targeted number of signatures are mandatory by the union to pursue the national labor relations board to conduct elections and, so during this stage, the union organizers try to get that number of signatures from employees.
Conducting a hearing: It is conducted by the national labor relations board to check whether it is appropriate to give authorization cards and check the bargaining unit.
Organizing campaign: The campaign is the place where both parties of union convince employees to vote for the most suitable candidate. The parties convince by assuring that they will prevent injustice, remove all grievances and flaws from the system, and improve the wages of the employees.
Elections: The national labor relations board supervises the elections that are conducted by the voting system.
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Steps involved in the union elections:
First contact
Receive authorization cards
Conduct a hearing
Organize campaign

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