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Suppose SEI continues growing and asks you to advise management on how to maintain its focus on employee development. Suggest two or three development methods from the chapter, and explain why you recommend each.

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Following employee development procedures can be suggested:

Employees could be given an option to enroll for various courses that are job related. Employees could either learn it from distance learning or by attending classes. Learning formally would help employees in clearing concepts and staying up to date with the latest software, hardware development in the industry.
While working an employee understands what challenges are faced, how to find solutions, how to improve the process. So, job experience could be one of the way that could be used to develop employees. Job rotation could be used where an employee who prepares hardware could at times work as a sales staff. This would break the monotony of the work.
Conducting evaluation is the process of testing the skills, behavior of the employees and giving the employees feedback. One of the methods used is performance appraisal and 360 degree feedback. For instance, employees work could be assessed and employees could be told about the areas of improvement. Feedback could be taken from customers, peers, managers so that no bias occurs. The method is beneficial as it helps employees improve and increases morale and confidence. The information technology industry is competitive, so this method may help employees gain sense of achievement.
Sample Response
The following development methods may be recommended:

Formal tutoring: Employees could be given an opportunity to formally go through training by attending various courses. This will help employees in clearing concepts.
Job experience: Employees learn a lot in the career while working. The job experience could be enriched by job rotation as working in the same profile in the information technology industry gets monotonous.
Evaluation could be done recognizing the behaviour, efforts of the employees and giving feedback regarding it. Like performance appraisal and 360 degree feedback could be given as this would help in motivating the employees and assessing their strengths and weaknesses.

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