How would you create an innovative environment at your department?

How would you create an innovative environment at your department?


Part A – Case Study
You work as a manager for an organisation with headquarters based in Sydney. One of its strategic goals is to open a branch in Perth.
Choose an industry for the organisation (retail, hospitality, real estate, banking, etc.) and select the department that you work at (HR, IT, Finance, Admin, Operations, Sales & Marketing, Research & Development, etc.).
Mention choice in the below:

Industry for the organisation:
Department that you work at:

Question 1:
Develop three operational goals for your department based on the strategic goal.
Question 2:
Use Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) method to break down one of the operational goals to manageable tasks.
Question 3:
Write 3 SMART objectives and goals.
Question 4:
In your department, you have a team of three people. Assign one task to each team member. Explain the process you used to allocate tasks to team members
Question 5:
Select one of the tasks and assign resources to it. (Please provide a list of all resources)
Question 6:
Due to shortage of staffs, your team members were over-worked during the last 6 months. Tasks have been assigned to them according to their position descriptions. However, at times tasks were also assigned randomly.
a. Provide in detail how you would create a positive workplace structured program for your team?
b. Write a speech that you would give to your team. In this speech, you need to demonstrate your competence in influencing and supporting the team.
c. In unstructured approach, write two separate speeches of what you would say to two different employees (one speech for each employee) with a different issue for each. In your statement, you need to demonstrate your competence of how you can influence and support both of them during these difficult times.
Question 7:
How would you create an innovative environment at your department?

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