If you were a staff member for your congressional representative, what would you advise with respect

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If you were a staff member for your congressional representative, what would you advise with respect

If you were a staff member for your congressional representative, what would you advise with respect to economic and social policy given the demographic changes in the U.S. population?

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In developed countries, the data shows that old people are a large part of the population, and thus, economic and social policies should cater to their survival needs without burdening the rest of the population.

According to C.B [2015], by the year 2030, 20% of the world's population is expected to be of 60 years and older. Based on these facts, authorities must prepare to ensure that there is good quality healthcare, economic security, and social acceptance for such people. For instance, older people would require pension and social security savings. This money has to come from the younger taxpayers, but because they have become a minority, this will put extra pressure on the people and the government. To avoid this, an annual budget can be dedicated to such causes.

There is some measure that the government can take to maintain the equilibrium in the taxpaying for the younger generation:

The authorities must make economic provisions to ensure that they can pay pension and future benefits to a large number of older people without putting an economic burden on the younger generation.
They must also focus on allocating enough resources to the healthcare sector so that medical services are effectively available for a huge population of older adults.
The authorities must also invest in creating old age homes, independent living facilities so that it can help a large number of people.
They can also create smaller yet productive ways of employing this population so that the negative feelings associated with retirement are alleviated.
Sample Response
Understanding the population of a country helps the government to develop effective services for the citizens. This study is called demography, and this is conducted by demographers. A population pyramid is used to find the changes in population trends by plotting them on graphs. In the past few years, such studies have shown that:

The population in most developed countries consists of people who belong to the age of 60 years or above.
The same trend is expected in other developing nations as well.

The main reason cited for this is that as the healthcare of a nation and provision of other services improves, there are more chances that the older population will survive despite any medical condition. Additionally, the younger generation is choosing to have fewer children, which is why the younger cohort is expected to become a minority. Keeping these changes in mind, public service authorities must plan for economic and social changes to suit the older population.

A way to deal with these demographics include preparing effective health care services. For instance, government hospitals could include effective yet cheap healthcare so that medical issues can be prevented. Also, a lot of older people may not have families and spouses to support them. It would be a wise idea to set up home facilities that are comfortable and secure for people. For instance, authorities could create independent homes with activities, food, shelter services at a cheaper rate for the people.

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