Issues at NEWGEN – SKIT


Issues at NEWGEN – SKIT


Abdul calls for a meeting and makes the announcement (3rd April/09)
Abdul: Hi everyone. I’ve brought you here today to make an announcement. Having been promoted to Engineering Department manager, I have promoted Amie Lee to take my place because we’ll need a new supervisor for this team. I believe her abilities will be valuable to the team.
**Everyone but Hahn claps**
Ms. Lee: I sincerely appreciate you choosing me. I will do my best for the team.
Hahn informs Abdul that he is not happy with Ms. Lee’s appointment, and therefore wants to transfer (April 7, 2009).
Hahn: Hey Abdul, I would like to request for a transfer to another team. I don’t think I can work under a non-technical supervisor.
Abdul: Hahn, Ms. Lee has excellent managerial and customer service skills. I think she will do great in that position, with your cooperation. Don’t you think?
Hahn: No, I don’t think she understands what we do. I want to transfer with you.
Abdul: Hahn, please take some time to think about it so that we can talk about this later.
Abdul discusses Hahn’s dissatisfaction with Carlos. Carlos suggests that Abdul invite Ms. Lee and Hahn to his office for a private meeting.
** Abdul knocks on Carlos’ office **
Abdul: Carlos, do you have a minute? I would like to talk about something.
Carlos: Sure, come in. What is the problem?
Abdul: Hahn is displeased with my decision to appoint Ms. Lee as the new department supervisor. Hahn argues that he cannot work under a “non-technical supervisor” and that Ms. Lee lacks the skills necessary to assist him with his projects. He also informed me that he would rather continue reporting directly to me. What do you think I should do?
Carlos: Well, I would suggest you call them both to your office, talk to them and see if Hahn can cooperate with Ms. Lee.
Abdul: Hmmm… Not a bad idea. Thanks Carlos, I will give it a shot.
Abdul calls both Ms. Lee and Hahn in his office. Hahn expresses his disappointment with Amie’s appointment. Amie is hurt and storms off.
Abdul: Hahn, can you join come to my office for a moment? I would like us to finish our conversation from where we left last time.
Hahn: Sure.
** Ms. Lee is already sited in Abdul’s office **
Abdul: I have brought the two of you here so that you can know and understand one another. I believe you two can work well together.
Ms. Lee: Hey Hahn, thank you for meeting with us.
** Hahn avoids eye contact with Ms. Lee and ignores her, addressing only Abdul **
Hahn: Abdul, am not sure why you brought me here. I already made my decision. I need a transfer because I can’t work under Ms. Lee given my experience and background, and the fact that she lacks technical knowhow.
Abdul: Hahn, let’s not make haste conclusions, such comments are hurtful and they undervalue Ms. Lee’s excellent skills.
** Before Hahn can respond, Ms. Lee storms out crying and confused **
Abdul: Hahn, we need to figure this out together, but you are giving me a hard time. Don’t you trust my decision to promote Ms. Lee?
Hahn: I have already explained myself. Am not talking about this further because it will lead me nowhere. Am now waiting for my transfer.
Abdul: ** Sighs ** Alright, thanks for coming…
Abdul goes back to Carlos and explains that the meeting between Ms. Lee and Hahn was unsuccessful. Carlos gets CEO Mr. Raphael involved.
Abdul: Carlos, I did exactly what you suggested and I feel the situation is getting worse between Ms. Lee and Hahn.
Carlos: ** Looks astonished. ** What happened?
Abdul: Well, I called Hahn and Ms. Lee to my office. Unfortunately, Hahn lost it. He kept insisting on the transfer and ignored the presence of Ms. Lee in the conversation. He could not maintain an eye contact with her. He referred to her as someone who lacks “technical knowhow”, which angered Ms. Lee and she stormed out of the office in tears.
Carlos: I think we need to address this immediately and carefully. It is a unique case to me but I will make some calls. Let me contact Mr. Raphael and explain to him the situation. I am sure he has someone to guide us on the next step to take.
** Carlos calls CEO, Mr. Raphael from his phone. Abdul is present in the room **
Mr. Raphael: Hello.
Carlos: Hello Mr. Raphael, how are you doing?
Mr. Raphael: I am well Carlos, how are things for you?
Carlos: Well, Abdul and I are caught up in a delicate situation with two employees.
Mr. Raphael: That’s interesting. Please explain.
Carlos: Well, Abdul gave Ms. Lee his old supervisor position. However, Hahn thinks she is not qualified to supervise engineers and has consequently asked for a transfer. Abdul tried to set the two together to talk but things got worse and Ms. Lee left the office in tears.
Mr. Raphael: Okay. I will ask a consultant I have worked with in the past to contact you immediately. He is called Ella Smith and is a specialist in contracts, HR and business law. Please organize a meeting with her and Abdul and see the direction to take.
Mr. Raphael: Please inform me the proceedings of this matter. Talk to you soon.
Carlos: Will do Mr. Raphael and thanks for the help.
** Carlos hangs up the phone and turns to talk to Abdul **
Carlos: Mr. Raphael informs me that Ms. Smith, an external consultant, will help us navigate through this issue. Hoping for the best.
Abdul: I hope so too. ** Sighs **
Abdul organizes a meeting with Carlos, Ella Smith, Loren (a new team member with experience in organizational behavior). Everyone is at speed with the issue, including Ms. Smith who takes notes to understand a reasonable direction.
Ms. Smith: Abdul, I can tell you that when you chose to make Ms. Lee the new supervisor, you missed a lot of crucial details.
Abdul: If I did, I never meant to do that. Since she seemed like the obvious choice, I actually designated Ms. Lee as the supervisor. I honestly didn’t think Hahn, or anyone else for that matter, would be upset by this news.
Ms. Smith: I’m sure your intentions were good, but managers and HR must follow hiring policies and procedures. Again, am surprised Carlos did not become suspicious when he wasn’t consulted about Ms. Lee’s promotion. Since Carlos didn’t suggest any required procedures before you announced Ms. Lee as the new supervisor, both of you are out of date on hiring policies.
Abdul and Carlos: Oh… ** Sighs **
Ms. Smith: The HR has a responsibility in posting job openings, hiring, firing, and training. Also, before hiring any new employee, the manager should express the need for the new employee to the HR department and determine the qualifications required for the new hire. Additionally, the managers should communicate with HR about the type of person that they need for their job opening. Soo… None of these crucial points were applied in the consideration before naming Ms. Lee the new supervisor. It is the reason things unfolded this way…
Abdul: I didn’t know promoting someone was so complicated. I thought I’d be efficient and give the job to the right person. I never considered Carlos’ opinion.
Ms. Smith: Okay. Another thing that could have supported your decision includes written tests, assessments, performance simulations, interviews and situational judgment test to determine how candidates perform in different job situations.
Abdul: I see, this is crucial information.
Ms. Smith: I believe if you took some time to implement these measures, Hahn would have had no reason to feel uncomfortable with your selection. You could actually have used these to indicate why you saw Ms. Lee as your ‘obvious’ choice.
Ms. Smith: Do you have any understanding of the HR and management points I’ve just explained, Carlos?
Carlos: I know a few of the ones you mentioned. I thought he was being efficient by naming Ms. Lee the supervisor and skipping interviews and paperwork, as Abdul did.
Ms. Smith: Okay, if HR had training on the hiring process… Abdul wouldn’t have blindly hired Ms. Lee. HR keeps policies and trains managers, Carlos.
Carlos: I see…
Ms. Smith: OK… Carlos, tell me about HR at NewGen with the processes and policies I just explained?
Carlos: Everyone seems happy and busy since the company expanded. No one enforces policies, so nobody follows through with them. You mentioned performance reviews as a key point. I haven’t reminded managers to do those things because of the company’s growth. If we’re expanding, everyone must be doing well, right?
Ms. Smith: Sure, Carlos. HR must ensure managers are up-to-date on performance evaluations because they:
• Identify what trainings HR needs to offer employees.
• Show what abilities and skills need to be developed for the employee.
• Validate whether you hired the right person.
• Adjust hiring practices to include things you don’t look for with certain employees.
Because… they give employees feedback
Carlos: I get it.
Ms. Smith: I’m glad you’re understanding.
Ms. Smith: Ignoring performance reviews can hurt your business.
Ms. Smith: Do you remember the last time you evaluated Hahn after he was rude to Ms. Lee? Has he treated others like Ms. Lee? Does he participate in company teamwork?
Abdul: It’s been over 2 years since I last evaluated him. He’s a great software engineer, but he avoids team events because they distract him. He has little contact with customers and thinks it’s the salesperson’s job to do so. He likely has poor customer service skills.
Ms. Smith: Wow… Why?
So… You haven’t evaluated Hahn in over two years, so you’re surprised by his reaction to your decision. Had you evaluated Hahn, you could have told him to improve his “teamwork,” meet his coworkers and probably offer him training. The evaluation could have also revealed Hahn’s short and long-term goals. If Hahn wanted your old job, you could have told him he lacked teamwork and customer service skills. This may have made Hahn know he wasn’t qualified to be a supervisor.
Abdul: Now it’s clear. I could have helped him, but I didn’t.
Ms. Smith: Thanks for using my examples. Abdul: Many thanks.
Ms. Smith suggests putting a hold on the supervisor position, explaining to Ms. Lee why, and posting the position on the Company’s HR site so other candidates can apply. This process will follow hiring rules.
** Raphael calls Carlos for an update**
Mr. Raphael: Carlos! I’d like an update on Ms. Lee-Hahn conflict.
Carlos: Ms. Smith’s advice was very helpful, Mr. Raphael. This encouraged setting hiring policies and procedures for any job opening.
Mr. Raphael: Perfect! We must determine how to communicate the qualifications of a supervisor in this department. Due to job additions, the department will have two sections. So, the job posting will mention a software design supervisor and customer service.
Carlos: Okay, Thanks, I’ll include these details in the job posting.
** Ms. Smith meets with Amie to discuss position**
Ms. Smith: Hello, Ms. Lee. I would like to inform you that after careful consideration, the company has decided to put your position transfer on hold.
Ms. Lee: **Appears disappointed.** How will this affect my job prospects?
Ms. Smith: We’ll follow the official hiring process going forward. Interviews and performance simulations guide these processes. Your application will be considered if you follow these rules.
Ms. Lee: After hearing these measures, it’s good to see how the company values employee opinion and evaluates job applicants’ performance. Will the job posting remain unchanged?
Ms. Smith: After speaking with Mr. Raphael, HR announced the department’s customer service and supervisor roles.
Ms. Lee: Thank you for informing me about how the job position will be presented, which changes my decision.
Ms. Smith: We value your teamwork and interpersonal skills, so we hope you’re interested in the job.
**Ms. Smith discusses the supervisor job posting and hiring process with Abdul, Carlos, Loren, and Ella**
Ms. Smith: Who’s the department’s HR rep? In this meeting, we’ll need that person to outline the steps needed for a smooth job hiring process.
Carlos: Loren Buzby handles HR. I’ll ask her to join now.
**Loren joins in**
Loren: After reviewing the situation, it’s clear the job wasn’t properly advertised. When a department needs to fill a role, the manager must notify HR and provide a job description.
Ms. Smith: Yes! The job opening must also be internally communicated within the company for one week. After this period, the job can be posted on other sites.
Carlos: Okay, I understand. With future vacancies, the company will follow the new hiring policies and guidelines you and Loren have communicated.
Abdul: Carlos is right. For future complications, I’ll notify HR of the need for a replacement weeks in advance and review hiring guidelines.
Loren: In the future, HR and the engineering department manager will receive extensive training. Through this training, both positions will have the skills and judgments needed for any future situation.
Carlos: We’re looking forward to this learning experience and how it will help us as a company leader.
Ms. Smith: Thanks for your helpful comments. I’m glad I could share my knowledge with you and hope you use it. I’ll send Mr. Raphael my notes and reassure him.
Abdul: Ms. Smith, thanks for visiting.
SCENE 8: The Final Scene
HR posts the Supervisor position internally only. The job description includes required skills and experience. Only candidates who meet all criteria are interviewed. Ms. Lee applies and is interviewed. She’s hired after the interviews. Abdul decides to meet with Hahn and Ms. Lee again and asks Carlos to attend to answer hiring questions.
Abdul: Thanks for coming in, Ms. Lee. Congratulations on getting the supervisor job.
Ms. Lee: Abdul, thanks! I’m glad I met the job requirements. Again, thanks. I’ll help this company grow.
Abdul: Sure
Abdul: I called this meeting to clear up any issues or concerns from our first meeting. I also asked Carlos to answer any questions about your position’s hiring process.
Ms. Lee: **Nervously** OK.
**Carlos and Hahn enter Abdul’s office**
Carlos: Hello, all!
Hahn: Hi…
Ms. Lee: Hello.
Abdul: Thanks for meeting us today.
Abdul: I called this meeting to make sure my supervisor decision didn’t cause any problems. I want everyone to be on the same page so we can progress as a team.
Abdul: Hahn, you know we offered Ms. Lee the supervisor job. We posted the job internally and screened all applications to ensure they met our needs. Ms. Lee is the best candidate after screening many candidates and conducting interviews. Do you question my decision?
Hahn: I still want to be reporting to you, Abdul. Am worried. Will she be able to help me with a technical issue?
Abdul: Let’s all agree that Hahn is the new supervisor; if you need help, please report to her. With your combined experience, you’ll solve anything.
Hahn: I feel unhappy with the decision.
Carlos: Abdul is right. You must respect how we hired her. The CEO approved our new hiring process after meeting with a consultant.
Abdul: Hahn, I respect your experience and know you’re an important team member. Give it a try and see what happens. We can revisit this if Ms. Lee can’t help with technical issues. Please be as professional as possible with Ms. Lee for now.
Hahn: ** Doubtful. ** Maybe…
Carlos: Okay, then.
Ms. Lee: Hahn, thanks for giving me a chance to show my skills. Once we combine our experience, as Abdul suggested, we’ll solve all problems.

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