Operations Management Assignment

Operations Management Assignment


Title page: the number of the case (e.g., Case_1), your group number (e.g., Group_xx), the group members in the alphabetical order by the LAST name, followed by the first name (do NOT provide student ID numbers).
On the subsequent pages, provide the solution of the case (e.g., all your results, explanations, discussion, conclusions, implications, etc.). I am not offering any specific guidelines here. Your choice. Just make sure that you have solved the problem described in the case and answered all possible questions that emerge from the case. I do not restrict the number of pages nor suggest the desired number of pages. Your decision. Provide all necessary explanations.
On the final pages, provide all exhibits such as calculations based on specific formulas, Excel’s computer printouts wherever applicable, graphs, tables, and the like.
The text, calculations, etc. should be type-written (whenever possible), and neatly presented, SINGLE line spacing, one sided, (any font type of your choice size 10). Try to use the Excel’s computational and graphical capabilities as much as possible. Avoid/minimize hand writing/drawing. Use only when absolutely necessary.
No additional literature review is needed. If you include one, it will NOT be evaluated. Use only the information provided in the case and in the relevant power point files on the Sakai.

6. Each project has to be type-written, any relevant exhibits/computer printouts/etc.

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