Plan a flyer for an upcoming event, such as a sale.

Plan a flyer for an upcoming event, such as a sale.



Plan a flyer for an upcoming event, such as a sale. Identify the content you will include on the flyer, such as listing the items for sale, a description of each item, the original cost of each item, the sale price for each item, and the location, date, and time of the sale (for this project, you can use real or fictional data). Decide how the document should be organized and formatted.

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Here is a tip:
Colours can be added to the flyer to make it attractive.

To make an attractive flyer, a heading with a big font size can be added to the page. Vibrant colours and formatting may also be used for this, along with an image. Information can be given using tables, which makes the flyer more readable.

In a table, the various columns that may be added are:

Item - gives the name of the item on sale.
Description - gives the description of the item.
Original Cost - gives the original cost of the sales item.
Sales Price - gives the sales price of the item.
Sales Location - gives the locations of the sales.
Sales Date - gives the date on which the sales take place.
Sales Time - gives the time at which the sales take place.
Sample Response
The flyer for sales can be created by adding the descriptive heading, an attractive image, a table with data, and some text to the page.

While creating it, various formatting options can be added to make it more attractive and readable. For this purpose, bright colors may be used along with a big font size.

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