Potential strategies and costings – but may be rough 

Potential strategies and costings – but may be rough 


You are the manager of a transport company (Australian or International business) and you are required to write research document on your company from the perspective of a 3rd party logistics service provider to present as a report.  This assessment covers the group presentation component of the report.
In groups of four (4), identify the issues relevant to that company and develop a report that you would then give/present to managers/board members or other key stakeholders as relevant. These issues are likely to be related to the following as per our topics discussed in class:

An introductory slide and oral presentation introduction listing the company/case chosen and team members in your group
Case & context (i.e. background information related to the company)
Issues presented/identified
Potential strategies and costings – but may be rough
Current progress and action plan related to Assessment 3: Group report. As part of the presentation you should also outline where you are at so far in your report, what is left to undertake, where you are looking for specific feedback to assist you in progressing your report.  Include a basic timeline or list of items completed vs yet to be completed as part of your slides. How you present this information is up to you.

the company i choose report on is DHL.

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