Retirement and Work in Late Life How do people adjust to being retired?

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Retirement and Work in Late Life How do people adjust to being retired?

Retirement and Work in Late Life

How do people adjust to being retired?

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An amalgamation of internal motives, materialistic needs, and external environment contributes to the adjustment of an individual after retirement.

Retirement is a transient stage in the old stage of an individual in which they stop working and leave their position in the organization. This brings a change in their roles and way of living because they do not have occupational work.

People may try to utilize their time now in passionate activities like painting, reading, or engage in actions that are beneficial for younger children or society, like volunteering.

Because of a lack of work and changes in their routines, some people find it difficult to adjust to their lives, which can lead to negative consequences. On the other hand, those who can adjust well experience positive outcomes. Retirement can have a positive impact on people’s life if the person adjust well due to the following factors

If their family and friends provide emotional support to them.
They have enough savings to live their lives.
Being motivated to deal with life.
Taking the voluntary decision of retirement because of the fulfillment of their goals.
The absence of health issues that influence their ability to engage in passionate and volunteering activities
On the other hand, a significant downfall is found in the psychological and physical health of those individuals who were forced by others to take retirement.

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Retirement can lead to a big change in the roles and lifestyles of people and some people might not be able to adjust to changes that occur after retirement. Some people might take time to adjust to retirement, whereas others might accept retirement happily from the first day itself.

People often engage themselves in activities that include their personal involvement and activities for which they could not avail time or resources before.

It is found that adjustment after retirement is influenced by several factors. These are:

Combination of physical health- if the physical health of the person is in good terms, the person is effectively able to adjust.
Economic status- if the person has sufficient money to live their life, the person can adjust to retirement.
Social relationships- supporting relationships play a vital role in adjustment to retirement.
The extent of one’s personal choice in retirement- a voluntary decision to take retirement is associated with a happy adjustment to life after it.
For instance, if a person who voluntarily withdraws from work is financially secure, and has good health and positive social relationships, they will be able to adjust well after retirement.

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