Rip up your favorite magazine, and classify any 5 ads


Rip up your favorite magazine, and classify any 5 ads


Rip up your favorite magazine, and classify any 5 ads according to whether you think they’re aiming to achieve a cognitive, emotional, or behavioral goal. Which ad do you like the most? Did any stimulate you to learn more about the brand?

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An individual might classify the following advertisements:

Product I: The advertisement depicts a product that can help an individual in boosting immunity. The advertisement shows the variants that are available in the product. All the essential features of the product are being depicted by the advertisement. The advertisement can be observed to fulfill the cognitive goal for an individual.
Product C: The behavioral goal can be observed to be fulfilled by Product C's advertisement. The company might use the endorsement factor to attract the consumers by depicting a model wearing Product C. The consumers might get an idea of how might the product look like after wearing it.
Product U: Cognitive goal can be fulfilled by the advertisement of a magazine circulated by the company. The advertisement might show how the users can easily read the magazine anywhere.
Product R: Product R depicts the product in the form of a podcast. The advertisement uses a video to attract the customers on the emotional ground. The emotional goal can be fulfilled by the advertisement by actually showing how the user can look at the episodes available in the podcast.
Product S: The advertisement of Product S uses a celebrity to narrate the experience of using the skincare Product S. The consumers might connect with the advertisement on emotional grounds. The actual experience might help the consumers in forming a true opinion.

Product I's advertisement might be liked by the individual. The advertisement shows images of the product and the model representing the usage of the product. This may help the individual in getting clarity over the product. It may also help in decision-making.

An individual might get influenced by Product I's advertisement. The individual might get curious to gather more information regarding the usage of Product I and how it can be beneficial for health. The depicted benefits may attract the individual to conduct deeper research about the product.


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Sample Response
In Magazine U, the following advertisements can be classified by an individual:

Product I: The advertisement of Product I can be categorized to accomplish a cognitive goal. Product I helps in boosting an individual's immunity. The advertisement tends to depict all the features and benefits of the product.
Product C: The company advertises the styles showing the ways to wear Product C. The advertisement can be categorized under fulfilling a behavioral goal by showing an image of a model wearing different styles of Product C.
Product U: Magazine U advertises the weekly magazine by showing various benefits of Product U. Product U can be categorized as accomplishing a cognitive goal.
Product R: Product R is like a podcast showing various video episodes. This can be categorized as fulfilling emotional goals. People can connect emotionally through the videos.
Product S: Product S is a skincare product. The advertisement can be categorized as fulfilling an emotional goal. The model shares the experiences of using Product S that connect emotionally with the people.
An individual might like the advertisement of Product I because the advertisement shows features of Product I and disseminates information to the consumers.

Product I's advertisement may help the individual in collecting more information about the product.

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