Robert Ashley owns Automatic Riding, a small business offering bicycles, parts, and repair


Robert Ashley owns Automatic Riding, a small business offering bicycles, parts, and repair


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Robert Ashley owns Automatic Riding, a small business offering bicycles, parts, and repair. Other than a couple of friends who occasionally help out at the store, Robert is the sole employee. The shop is in a commercial space that was formerly a restaurant, with the “kitchen” acting as storage for parts and space for bicycle repairs, and the “dining room” acting as showroom for bikes and space for retail sales. The only “office” is a desk and a filing cabinet in one corner.

Currently, Automatic Riding’s entire “customer credit system” is a box of handwritten index cards, each card containing customer information (customer number, name, address, phone numbers, and credit card information) on the front and an ongoing list of invoice information (invoice number, date, and amount billed) on the back. When a customer pays an invoice, Robert crosses off the corresponding invoice “entry” on the back of the card. The “supplier account system” is similar, but in a different box. Robert sometimes has trouble keeping track of his customers’ orders, and paying his suppliers on time.

Help advise Automatic Riding on how to improve their current business and data processing procedures.

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Automatic Riding should first recognize the importance of the enabling technologies. Without a proper data processing for the transactions and orders, Robert cannot effectively manage the business. He could reduce the amount of tasks and make it easier for the other employees to complete their tasks. This way, he can improve customer satisfaction by providing fast and easy service for their customers. Robert will also benefit by getting to figure out which products are selling well and which aren't. A database keeps record of business products, for instance, by recording which product a customer purchases, the amount involved, the time of purchase and whether the product is delivered or not. This way, Robert can know where to allocate his resources.

In summary, Automatic Riding can focus on the following:

· Reduce costs - The operations at the shop could require less management time with technology. If Robert employs excel, he can save on time.

· Enhance customer experience and revenue.

· Reduce risk - Rigorous processes make it easier to discover root causes and reduce risks.

· Prioritize data protection and security - At the moment, Robert is risking losing all his data in the cards in case of an event like fire. If he had stored the invoices and supply records in a document like an Excel or even by using a database, data security would be enhanced significantly.

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