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198202 Philosophy
Category: Physiology
Give a brief description of the argument from design for the existence of God. Then briefly state David Hume's objections to that argument." (see chapter 3  on this subject.)    I think this assignment could be completed in a page, or maybe even a half a page. But if you feel that you need to w...
196400 Swk 353
Category: Physiology
    Discuss Relevant Social Policy and Cultural Humility (Presentations 11/5/23) Social policy: Describe two social policies related to of services at the snanyof case These law. policies must! bei in the form Of legislation How do these impact the work at the agency? The clients? How do t...
195115 Swk 353
Category: Physiology
Watch this brief PBS POV on Implicit Bias. Jot down some notes for yourself about your reflections and thoughts about this. Visit the website for the Implicit Bias test from Harvard University. There are 15 different categories. Select TWO and complete them prior to writing your log.     T...
188024 Philosophy
Category: Physiology
Studying Logic and applying the theoretical knowledge toward evaluating language texts could be a difficult task! Sharing this challenge with others, considering their experience with similar problems could help us learn and solve the problem. For successful participation in these discussions you sh...
188848 Social worker
Category: Physiology
What are 2 things you learned about the neonatal stage? What is one open ended questions you could ask: A mother to learn more about her feelings about the birth process? A parent to learn about how they are adjusting to caring for a newborn? A parent navigating the preterm birth of their child? A p...
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