The Information Security Community Site is an online companion to this textbook.

The Information Security Community Site is an online companion to this textbook.


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The Information Security Community Site is an online companion to this textbook. It contains a wide variety of tools, information, discussion boards, and other features to assist learners. Go to Sign in with the login name and password that you created in Chapter 1.

How would you restrict spam? Should it be done by technology or passing laws (remember that domestic laws would not apply to spammers who lived outside the country)? Should all spammers be required to register with a central agency? What should be the penalty for violating your proposal? Record your responses on the Community Site discussion board.

Answer & Explanation (1)

Users cannot avoid spam completely but with the following suggestions they can minimize these unsecured emails: Below are the steps that can be followed to minimize the spam emails:

Stop showing email addresses - Users should be careful while providing their email address to the others. It is recommended, not to provide it on the general public forum or the social networking sites. It may be misused.
Throw away email address- Instead of giving a personal email address, provide a throw away email address that can be created temporally. Many times users need to fill their email address on the websites, they can use such types of email addresses in such situations.
Use of filter - There is an option to specify the filter for directing the spam email to the trash. In this way, users will not receive more spam emails.
Identify and block - If users find repeated spam emails from the same sender, again and again, they can block the particular email address.
Spamming is cyber crime because it creates the vulnerability and security risk for the user's system or device. Moreover, it kills the storage and hampers the network performance by creating congestion in the network. Spamming is not illegal in the USA. By having laws, spammers can be penalized for such illegal actions. However, users can use the technology to minimize spam emails but law can be the best option to stop them. For instance, with the help of anti-spam software like Mailwasher a user can early detect a spam mail and discard it before infecting the system. To get rid of spam emails, law enforcement is the best option.

Spammer registration:

Spammers have to reveal their identity to the receiver clearly. They have to register for the domain with a valid email address and domain name. They have to write the proper communication postal address.


According to the CAN-SPAM Act sender can be fined up to $16000 for every single spam email. Spammers need to follow the rules specified by the CAN-SPAM Act. They cannot violate it.

Sample Response
Below are some steps that can be followed to stop receiving spam emails:

Stop showing email addresses.
Throwaway email address.
Use of filter.
Identify and block.

Restricting spam can be done by both law and technology.


The spammers should be fined with a huge amount in case they do not follow the guidelines or violate laws meant for them.

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