Thunderbird Container Products President, Beverly Whisenhunt

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Thunderbird Container Products President, Beverly Whisenhunt


Thunderbird Container Products President, Beverly Whisenhunt, stormed out of her office and said, “Customers’ orders are perfect or they don’t pay. That’s a critical goal of ours that customers expect and we are going to deliver!” At first, those in earshot thought she must be kidding, but the seriousness with which she made that statement and her demeanor said differently. Give some thought to this pronouncement and be prepared to discuss the following three questions in a class discussion.

1. In your opinion, can a company afford to live by this statement? Why or why not?
2. Can you think of any situations in which an organization may have difficulty honoring such a customer pledge?
3. What are some potential benefits to the company by setting such a high standard?

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The evidence supporting the argument that an organization may manage to live by the statement are:

If such a policy is developed by the top-level management of an organization, then the employees are liable to follow that standard and provide high-quality services to customers according to their expectations.
To adhere to and maintain the high standard, the organization needs to provide the required resources, training programs, and empowerment to the customer service representatives so they can effectively meet the expectations of the customers.
The evidence supporting the argument that an organization may not manage to live by the statement are:

At times, customers remain confused between their needs, expectation, and wants. This might make difficult for the organization to fulfill a customer's expectations and live by its statement.
The customers may have their personal reasons for returning an order in which the organization's product or service may not have any part. The personal reasons of customers might make it difficult for the company to live by their statement.
Sample Response
The statement of Individual B says that the orders of the customers are ideal or they do not make payments.

The two sides of the argument are:

An organization may manage to live by the statement because of the high standards maintained by the organization to live up to the expectations of the customers.
An organization may not manage to live by the statement because at times the expectations of the customers exceed the standards which cannot be fulfilled by the organization.

The main policy of the organization emphasizes on providing high-quality and standardized products as per the expectations of the customers. Otherwise, the customers do not need to pay. An instance could be a customer places an order with the organization, but due to financial constraints is not able to purchase it and cancels the order before arrival. In this case, the organization's product and service may be of the best quality and maybe fulfilling the needs and expectations of the customers, but due to the customers' personal reasons, the product order got canceled. Here, it might be difficult for the company to know for what reason the company's product got canceled and this might create difficulty for the organization to comply with its policy.

Sample Response
Under various circumstances, an organization may face difficulties to comply with its pledge. For instance, a customer places an order with the organization. But at a later point in time, that person cancels the order due to personal circumstances which creates a difficult situation for the organization to adhere to its policies because the organization does not know the reason for the product cancellation.

The advantages for an organization that sets high standards for the customers can be explained as:

When an organization sets high standards to serve its customers in a better manner, the customers eventually get satisfied with the experiences and they recognize the efforts made by the organization. As a result, it ensures high loyalty among the customers towards the organization. An organization tends to keep the needs of its customers at its heart which serves as the vital key in winning the loyalty of the customers.
The employees become self-confident when provided with appropriate training programs to serve the customers with standardized commodities or services as per customer's expectation. When the employees feel empowered, they become confident in their roles, put in their best efforts collectively to serve the needs of the customers according to the standards of the company, and successfully adhere to the standards set by the company.
High standard of services and commodities increases repeat purchases by the customers and also spread good words about the organization among the people. The repeat purchases and good word of mouth eventually increases the sales and maximizes the profit of the organization. It also reduces the cost of marketing as the commodity and the services become famous by the word of mouth.
Sample Response
Some of the advantages of setting high standards to an organization are:

It ensures higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.
It empowers the employees.
It ensures greater profit and reduced cost.

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