What are some characteristics of a good student, and how does studying chemistry help achieve these characteristics?


What are some characteristics of a good student, and how does studying chemistry help achieve these characteristics?


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The ” Chemistry in Focus ” segment Chemistry: An Important Component of Your Education discusses how studying chemistry can be beneficial not only in your chemistry courses but in your studies in general. What are some characteristics of a good student, and how does studying chemistry help achieve these characteristics?

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A large number of problems are encountered in day-to-day life. There are certain steps that are executed to resolve the daily problems. The problems are identified and analyzed. Real-life problems are not as simple as textbook problems. Whatever information is gathered from the recognition of the problem is called observation. Suitable and possible explanations are stated in light of the observation. The set of possible explanations is termed a hypothesis. Out of all the possible hypotheses, the one that successfully explains the different types of observations is converted into a theory or model. This step requires a sequence of actions to be performed in order to prove the authenticity of the explanation. These actions are collectively referred to as experiments. Just like experiments are performed to validate the theories in science, daily problems and tasks are resolved and simplified for better understanding by performing experiments.

Following are some of the characteristics of a good student:

A good student prefers to acknowledge the concepts from the class and the textbooks.
A good student develops skills to identify the problems and the valuable data required to solve the problems.
A good student discovers several possible methods to process the information and reach the final answer.
A good student applies the scientific method of creating observations, proposing hypotheses, and performing experiments in real-life situations.
Chemistry is the branch of science that is associated with the study of composition, properties, and changes experienced by different substances present in the universe. It is the study of various interactions that take place among the distinct samples of matter, the human body, a chemical laboratory, and so on. The initial study of chemistry seems challenging because of the unfamiliar and completely new vocabulary used in the study. Initially, the terminologies are memorized but the study becomes genuine and effortless after gradual understanding. In order to solve a problem related to chemistry, the provided information is sorted and the important ones are chosen to proceed further. Further, the problem is simplified by thinking of all the possible ways to tackle it. If one of the assumptions to solve the problem fails, the mistakes are acknowledged from it and another careful attempt is made by using the other assumption. The process consumes time and requires patience. In this way, the knowledge of chemistry finds extensive use in enriching the characteristics of a good student.

Sample Response
A good student gains conceptual knowledge from books and classes, recognizes the problem and information related to it, proposes several hypotheses to solve it, and implements the scientific approach in daily life situations.

Chemistry empowers the students to encounter problems, both in textbooks and in real life. It focuses on the collective use of all the skills to tackle a problem. It enriches confidence, patience, creativity, and a better understanding of the natural world.

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