What are the five communication skills of effective supervisors and managers?

What are the five communication skills of effective supervisors and managers?

June 25, 2021

What are the five communication skills of effective supervisors and managers?

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Supervision can be made effective by using key communication skills such as the following:

Expressive speaking skills: The managers must possess this skill to express thoughts and feelings to others correctly and appropriately so that the listener can interpret the correct meaning and act accordingly.
Empathetic listening skills: If a manager does not have listening skills, then the manager is not able to solve the issues that arise in an organization. In such a case, a manager cannot even provide satisfactory results to the members. So, along with good speaking skills, a manager should possess reflective listening skills to focus on the emotional aspects. A manager should also possess a will to listen to the problems and suggestions of the subordinates.
Persuasive leading skills: A manager instructs the subordinates according to the target that is to be achieved. A manager must possess persuasive skills to lead and manage a team or group effectively and make the subordinates work as required.
Information management skills: A good manager provides selective information to their subordinates timely; if not, this can lead to a lack of information. Good supervision includes open and honest communication with the subordinates. A manager should notify the subordinates about organizational changes in the policies and procedures in advance.
Sympathetic to others' feelings: This is an important skill that a manager must possess. A manager must understand the feelings of the subordinates and act accordingly. This increases the respect for a manager among the subordinates.
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Supervisors and managers make their supervision more effective by using these key communication skills:

Expressive speaking skills
Empathetic listening skills
Persuasive leading skills
Information management skills
Sympathetic to others' feelings

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