What connections might there be between bereavement and stress?

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What connections might there be between bereavement and stress?

What connections might there be between bereavement and stress?


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The feeling of bereavement occurs when a person loses someone close to their heart. It brings a range of confusing emotions, crying spells, sleeping and appetite disturbance, lack of productivity, anger, and stress. There can be the following types of stresses-

Physical stress- Constant feeling of tiredness, loss of water from the body, insomnia, loss of appetite can be caused during the grieving process. This puts the body under a lot of physical pressure and stress to the grieving person.
Emotional stress- Feelings of the guilt of being the one who survived can release mixed emotions of sadness, empathy, frustration, shock, or fear. This emotional turmoil can put the grieving person under emotional stress.
Mental stress- Bereavement can trigger symptoms of depression, mania. These disorders put a person under psychological stress, which makes it more difficult for the individual to cope with the death of a loved one.

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Bereavement denotes the loss of a close or loved one, which can cause stress for the ones experiencing their loss. Grieving is a universal emotion and it can be seen as a healthy process but can cause have a serious impact. Some of these impacts are mention in the following points-

Physical stress- During the grieving process, a person always feels tired, dehydrated, finds difficulty in breathing which puts the body in a stressful state.
Emotional stress- The loss of someone can force someone to feel a mixed range of emotions accompanied by mood swings putting one under emotional stress.
Psychological stress- Grieving can trigger various psychological disorders like depression, post-traumatic disorder, dementia, or hallucinations.

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