Which two myths and facts do you think are most significant for customer service reps to understand?


Which two myths and facts do you think are most significant for customer service reps to understand?


Which two myths and facts do you think are most significant for customer service reps to understand? Write a brief statement in your journal explaining why

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Customer service representative has to deal with customers and ensure that their queries are solved. The customer service representative also is officially the first face of the company and the first level of customer interaction. But there are certain known myths and facts the customer service provider has to be familiar with and understand thoroughly.

A thorough understanding of the following myths is important for customer service executives:

It is a myth that the expectation or perception of the customers towards the company and services can be avoided by the customer service agents as the customer service executives work hard to provide enhanced services to the customers.
There is also a myth that for providing better customer service huge amount of money and too many people are required. As a result, the customer service executive has to understand that it is not true to provide better services at a limited budget and with limited members.

The knowledge of facts is also necessary for retaining the customers and avoiding the extra expense of acquiring new customers:

The fact that the customer service executive has to keep in mind is that in spite of providing high-quality customer service, the perception of the customer is to be kept in mind. If the perception of customers is negative, then the reason behind this has to be analyzed thoroughly. This is because the customers' perception has to be aligned with the service provided.
The customer service executive also has to comprehend the fact that providing better customer service is much more cost-efficient than providing poor customer service. Providing better customer service reduces the cost of repeat customer interaction and handling negative customers feedback.
Sample Response
The following might be the legends the customer service executive needs to comprehend:

The expectations of customers cannot be matched because they always expect more than what customer service agents provide.
More people and more budget is the key to improvement because high-quality customer service cannot be achieved with few resources and few budgets.

The customer service representative has to know the following facts:

The perception of customers has to be taken into consideration because they are the key to business success and their thought must be positive about the business.
Providing better customer care is cost-efficient and time-effective because it saves time and cost invested in regular connection with the customer and managing customer complaints.

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