Why is sustainability such a complex and challenging issue for organizations?


Why is sustainability such a complex and challenging issue for organizations?


Why is sustainability such a complex and challenging issue for organizations? How can they simplify these challenges from a supply chain perspective?

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Sustainable business practices include using social and ecological resources that have a negligible negative impact on the environment.

Sustainability poses a various set of challenges for the business organizations such as:

Shifting business practices to become more environmentally friendly is an expensive task to perform. On the other hand, it helps in increasing the sales for the company as customers see its efforts positively. These benefits and costs are usually tough to ascertain. It is a challenge for the company to balance the advantages against its investments in sustainability.
Changing an entire supply chain to use more eco-friendly or sustainable raw materials is a costly initial investment. Its impact cannot be estimated accurately. Moreover, it cannot be guaranteed that sustainable practices will be beneficial for the company. For example, a company may choose alternatives for diesel vehicles in its transportation. However, the new vehicle may cause issues that may affect the delivery process.

To simplify these challenges, the following supply chain initiatives on different functional bases can be considered:

The use of environment-friendly transportation methods would help an organization overcome this challenge. Recycling consumer waste and materials should be used in creative forms.
An agreement between the members of the supply chain i.e. the suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers to use sustainable practices will create awareness among them. It will help incorporate sustainability more effectively.
Workers in the warehouse and transportation industries might benefit from improved working conditions. Companies can save money, save resources, boost productivity, streamline operations, and promote company values.
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The concept of sustainability poses the following challenges to organizations:

It's difficult to strike a balance between the expenses and advantages of implementing sustainable practices.
It is difficult to estimate the impact of adopting sustainable practices on the supply chain operations of a company. A need to use sustainable practices can affect supply chain performance negatively. It may result in poor customer experience.

A company can take the following steps to reduce sustainability challenges on its supply chain operations:

Using environment-friendly transportation methods. For example, sending bulk orders via rail instead of diesel trucks.
Establishing an agreement between the various members of the supply chain to use sustainable practices. These members include suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and customers.
Providing good working conditions to its employees working in warehousing and transportation.

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