Your Wireless Security Is the wireless network you own as secure as it should be?

Your Wireless Security Is the wireless network you own as secure as it should be?


Your Wireless Security

Is the wireless network you own as secure as it should be? Examine your wireless network or that of a friend or neighbor and determine which security model it uses. Next, outline the steps it would take to move it to the next highest level. Estimate how much it would cost and how much time it would take to increase the level. Finally, estimate how long it would take you to replace all the data on your computer if it was corrupted by an attacker, and what you might lose. Would this be a motivation to increase your current wireless security model? Write a one-page paper on your work.

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WPA2-Personal is a protocol that is used in a wireless network to ensure protection. WPA2 protects the network from the access of unauthorized users by making the information that is being transmitted over the network unavailable. Only authorized users can see the information being sent and received. To use WPA2, the user just needs to turn it on through the wireless router and initialize a security key for all permittable devices to access Wi-Fi.

Additional security can be added to the wireless network by:

Password protection: Always use a long and alphanumeric strong password for a wireless network. This will make the password uncrackable by an unauthorized user.
A limited number of users: A wireless network security can be enhanced if it is accessible to only a limited group of users that are authorized. Permitting any number of users to access the network creates security holes.
Guest network implementation: This step can be taken to improve the wireless network security by setting up a guest network. A guest network is implemented with adequate security restrictions to limit the access privileges for guests. Not all users are allowed to access the main network. A user who wishes to access the internet can connect to the guest network.
End-to-end encryption: This encryption makes the conversion hidden. Only a sender and receiver can see the information transmitted through the network.
All of the above security models can be implemented at a very low cost as the user just needs to enable the features. The user may obtain end-to-end encryption software from many online sites that provide it for free. This way, users may hardly need to invest any cost to upgrade the system.

Lots of time is also not invested as nothing extra is to be done. Only the features have to be enabled once and changing the settings of the administrator account will take around two hours, and downloading and installing the end-to-end encryption software may take another 1-2 hours.

If a hacker gains access to a user's system and corrupts all the data that a computer has, then it will take a lot for the user to recover that data. All the data stored in a computer is not recoverable. Some data can get back through hard disk recovery. The time required to recover the data ultimately depends on the size of data lost. Data recovery is a big and complicated process that consumes hours to complete.

In a computer system, a user may store personal details like phone number, name, address, financial data such as bank account number, PIN number, and more. There can be data regarding confidential business data, educational material, projects, and more. All of these data types and system data types can be compromised by a user, due to data corruption.

The data loss can be unrecoverable and it definitely forces the user to protect the system's data by implementing adequate security measures for network.

Sample Response
Yes, current security practices are enough to make the wireless network protected.

The security model used by a wireless network makes use of the WPA2(Wi-Fi Protected Access 2) personal protocol. WPA2 prevents unauthorized users from accessing the wireless network and in this way, protects the network from their attack.

Ways to enhance the security of wireless networks are:

Password protection.
A limited number of users.
Guest network implementation.
End-to-end encryption
The cost incurred to make a wireless network more secure is almost nil, as just the settings of the network are to be changed to have a strong password, guest network, and limit the user. The end-to-end encryption software can be also downloaded for free.

The time invested to make the network secure and turning on these protection mechanisms would take around four hours.

The time needed to recover the data of a computer depends on the size of data that has been lost. It may take from a few hours to a few days if the size of the data is too large. A user might lose financial, personal, and confidential data due to data corruption by a hacker.

The threat to lose data may inspire the users to protect the network in such a way that prevents access by unauthorized users to the system.

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