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What kind of parenting style would you like to have with your children?


Pick one of this movie and read the information below to answer the following questions

Honey Boo Boo, The Middle, Modern Family or any other show or movie that you can observe parenting styles. 

While these shows are fictional, the adult characters show different styles of parenting and there are differences in the children’s daily lives (for instance, children’s activities and parental interactions/communications with children) are apparent.

Think critically about Diane Baumrind’s parenting styles that are in your text as well as the article Why Parenting Styles Matters and how it applies to the adults in the shows. Modern Family has three sets of parents. You only need to look at one couple unless you prefer to discuss all the parenting styles within the show.

Based on the 4 different parenting styles discussed in class as well as the parenting article below:

Why Parenting Styles Matter

 (Link to an external site.)

Which style would you assign to the parents and explain your answer based on what you have learned? Give me an example from your episode.

1. How do the parenting styles impact the children in the episode?

2. Think back to how you were parented. What style of parenting did you receive?

3. What kind of parenting style would you like to have with your children? Why?

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