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What recommendations would you make in order to resolve this conflict given the multi-generational and multi-cultural nature of the department?

The issues in the software development area of Informational Systems have grown into a genuine workplace conflict. One of the issues is interdependence—the Millennials want to schedule their work on their timetable and not rely on the work schedule of the older Baby Boomers. Also, the Baby Boomers are pushing for changes in the rewards system—they believe that bonuses should be commensurate with performance while the Millennials think that everyone should be rewarded equally for participation in projects.

What recommendations would you make in order to resolve this conflict given the multi-generational and multi-cultural nature of the department?

Short-term Recommendation

  1. Use compromising style

This style would work for the given scenario.

A moderate concern for Millennials and Baby Boomers and the ultimate goal gets exhibited. The focus is to achieve a reasonable middle ground where both parties are happy (Lumen Learning, n.d.). Flexibility in the working hours could get implemented for the Millennials to be fair to the Baby Boomers. Then, the department should ensure the rewards are almost equal but still dependent on the individual’s performance. This way, the ultimate goal of promoting productivity could be achieved while reducing conflict. Neither of the parties gets exactly what they wanted by neither party is completely dissatisfied with the resolution.

  • Follow organization policy/Conformity

Allowing employees to work how and when they want, may not always be conducive to running a successful business. Conformity is the expectation of employees to adapt to company policies to complete their job functions. If the organization’s policy on rewards insists on an equitable or performance-based system, it should be the priority. This approach insists on compliance with the organization’s directions while having a conflict management process.

Long-term Recommendations

For multi-generational conflict, it is necessary to have flexible work hours, understand and communicate generational characteristics, provide the millennials meaningful work and constant feedback, remain open to different perspectives, and have open and ongoing discussions of generational needs. For multi-cultural conflict, it is crucial to treat everyone with respect and integrity, become familiar with different cultural values to understand how to prioritize cultural norms, and have cross-cultural training (Eriksson & Hägg, 2016).


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