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Non-Polar covalent bond: Connects atoms that equally share electrons such as bonds between a hydrogen atom and a carbon atom in methane

What type of chemical bond connects atoms that equally share electrons such as bonds between a hydrogen atom and a carbon atom in methane?

  • a. Ionic bonds
  • b. Hydrogen bonds
  • c. Nonpolar covalent bond
  • d. Polar covalent bond


c. Nonpolar covalent bond


Ionic bond – This is formed between a metal and non-metal. The metal loses electrons to become positively charged while the non-metal gains the electrons to become negatively charged.

Hydrogen bond – This is formed when a positive end of a molecule is attracted to the negative end of another molecule

Covalent bond – A pair of electrons is shared between two atoms. A non-polar covalent bond is formed when two atoms share a pair of electrons equally. A polar covalent bond is formed when two atoms share a pair of electrons unequally.

A carbon atom has 4 electrons in the outer electron shell, requiring 4 more electrons to have a complete electron configuration (octet). Each hydrogen atom has one electron in the outer energy level, requiring one more electron to have a complete configuration of two electrons because it is in period 1.

Therefore, for the carbon atom to have an octet configuration, it requires four hydrogen atoms that also share an electron from the carbon each getting a complete configuration.


Nonpolar covalent bonds are generally compounds of almost equal electronegativities.

  • True

True or False:

Nonpolar covalent bonds will not dissociate.

  • True

True or False:

When nonpolar covalent bonds are formed the valence electrons are shared unequally.

  • False

True or False:

Nonpolar covalent bonds form lattices.

  • False

True or False:

A compound that made of two of the same metal would be nonpolar covalent.

  • False

Electrons in nonpolar covalent bonds are_____.

  • shared equally

What is the name for CO?

  • Carbon monoxide

What is the formula for Dinitrogen pentasulfide?

  • N2S5

What is the name of CF3?

  • Carbon trifluoride

The difference in electronegativity to make something nonpolar covalent is?

  • 0-0.4

What is the formula Hexanitrogen octaoxide?

  • N6O8

What is the formula for tetracarbon heptoxide?

  • C4O7

What does electronegativity mean?

  • The ability to attract electrons.

All of the following are properties of nonpolar covalent bonds except:

  • form crystal lattice structures

Nonpolar covalent bonds are not polar because…

  • The electrons are shared equally, so they are around each atom the same way.

Nonpolar covalent bonds use ___________ in naming because _____________

  • Prefixes; nonmetals can bond in more than one configuration.

Nonpolar covalent bonds form compounds called…

  • molecules

When naming nonpolar covalent bonds you…

  • Always use prefixes for the second element and sometimes for the first.

Elements associated with nonpolar covalent bonds ___________.

  • Have one elements that are equally attractive to the valence electrons.

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