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You are a dietitian or health educator working for a school system.


You are a dietitian or health educator working for a school system. The school system has made significant changes in their school lunch program and their physical education curriculum, but the school board administrators remain concerned about the rates of overweight and obesity among their students ages 6-18. You begin to explore the issue with teachers, food service staff, nurses, and the physical education teachers and determine that the students appear to be receiving adequate physical activity, but their diets at school remain poor.

The lunches offered in the cafeteria offer a variety of low fat, whole grain, and fresh produce items; however, most students bring their lunches from home and their lunches often contain candy, refined grains and sugary drinks plus chips and other low nutritional foods. Many of the older student have access to vending machines or leave campus to eat. The school board requests you develop a program that can be disseminated across the school district to improve the diets of the student while at school and reduce the current status of being overweight or obese. You need to prepare formal proposal and present to the board at the next board meeting.

3. Outline a plan for evaluating outcomes of the proposed program. What are the measures you would use to evaluate whether your program was achieving the stated goals and objectives

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