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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Our company and our experts

CoursePivot is an online homework help platform offering essay writing services and online tutoring. We work with approx. 100 top experts in all subjects from different backgrounds, mainly North America, Eastern Europe and Africa. We accept applicants with at least a bachelor’s degree in their respective subject.

How long does it take to receive a solution?

Ultimately it comes down to your deadline. For basic questions, our tutors usually respond in as fast as 20 minutes. For essays, we ensure the document is delivered privately via email before your stated deadline. Once the solution is ready, you will receive a notification in your email account.

How do I place and pay for an order?

Click the “Post a Question” link on the main menu to open the question submission form (you may be requested to login/register first). Enter your order title, a description of the requirements, and how much you want to spend on your order.

Do you offer refunds?

Absolutely. Our support staff is here at all times to accord you the help you need 24/7. Just give us a call or chat with us via the live-chat widget whenever you’ve got a refund inquiry, and we’ll help you out. Refunding is all a part of the process.

Do CoursePivot writers revise the paper, if needed?

First of all, we always do our best to make sure everything goes well.
However, occasionally something needs to be fixed or amended. This is no problem, as we offer an unlimited number of revisions, free of charge, until you are satisfied with the results. Simply get in touch with your paper writing expert, and they’ll happily make any changes.

Our 24/7 write my essay service support team is also here to assist whenever you need it!

How fast can you delivery my homework solution?

The minimum deadline is 1 hour for a page, but it can be even shorter if you are asking a basic question. Contact our support team and tell us your requirements. We can find essay writers to take on the paper immediately.

The further away your deadline, the lower the price per page will be. Hire someone to write an essay for you, and we will strive to deliver the best possible experience.

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