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Pay Someone to Humanize your Paper without Changing your Arguments is the best humanize AI content service for students. You can now pay someone to rewrite and rephrase the flagged text in your paper to pass Turnitin AI detection with 0% AI content.

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We will deliver a quality paper alongside a Turnitin AI and Plagiarism Report (PDF). 0% AI content in your final paper guaranteed.

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Free Turnitin AI report with 0% AI content assurance

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Coursepivot Humanize AI Content Service for Research Papers

Will my paper pass Turnitin AI detection?

Certainly! Once you entrust us with your paper, we guarantee its complete transformation into a 100% human-generated piece. You can put your concerns about AI content in your text to rest. Our commitment ensures that every argument is preserved while ensuring a 0% AI detection on platforms like Turnitin and other plagiarism detectors.

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Upon completion, you will receive a paper that is entirely free of AI influence and stands at a 100% uniqueness level. Our qualified experts possess the skills to handle a diverse range of papers, whether they involve straightforward essays with minimal technicality or extensive projects such as dissertations and thesis papers. Rest assured, our dedicated writer will ensure that your paper is not only 100% original but also tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Timely delivery via email

By entrusting us with the task of humanizing your paper and removing AI-generated content, we guarantee to accomplish this within your specified deadline. Our efficient services enable us to humanize your AI content in as little as 3 hours. All you need to do is submit your paper along with instructions detailing whether you require a rewrite of specific sections. That’s it! Our expert will promptly commence working on your request.

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Coursepivot is a highly trusted and legitimate custom essay writing service, boasting a team of experts with over 10 years of experience. Our proficient writers are adept at handling various types of papers and essays, ranging from concise short essays to extensive research papers.

In response to the increasing challenges associated with AI-generated content, our service now extends its expertise to assist in humanizing AI-generated content.

We retain all arguments in your paper


Paper reviewed by pros to make sure every original idea is maintained where necessary


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We retain all your references and citations


We add new references and citations at your request


We improve your content where necessary at your request


We ensure your paper is revised as many times as needed to make AI generated content 0%


Best Writers to Humanize AI Generated Content Manually

No AI Humanizers, Just another Writer willing to Manually Rewrite and Rephrase your Paper one Sentence at a Time without Modifying your Original Thoughts

Timely delivery of AI-free paperWe will deliver your final edited paper on time as your need it
High-quality original paperYour paper will be professional with no mistakes
Zero plagiarismWe will make sure the paper is 100% unique
No AI content in your paperIn the end, we will make sure your paper has 0% AI content
Cheap humanize AI serviceYou can pay as low as $5 per page to remove AI

How to Pay Our Writers to Manually Rewrite AI Generated Content without Modifying your Original Thoughts

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1️⃣ Fill out our order form

Access the order form page by clicking the “Order Now” link on the main menu. On the order form page, select order type as “humanize AI content,” enter your budget (which you can calculate using our online calculator) and then submit.

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After attaching your file and submitting the order, you will be redirected to PayPal to proceed with the payment. once we confirm your payment, we will assign your paper immediately to one of our writers.

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Our writer will make sure your paper is 100% humanized and then we will email your AI-free paper before your selected deadline. In most cases, we attach a free Turnitin AI report to confirm that is is indeed free of AI.

Stop Using AI Tools to Remove AI Content! Pay an Actual Expert

We can edit and humanize any AI content manually within hours.

Submit AI-Free Papers

We take great pride in our Humanize AI Content service, a successful initiative that has aided thousands of students in passing AI detection at an affordable cost. Our dedicated team of experts follows a meticulous manual process to rewrite and rephrase content, ensuring it not only meets the highest academic standards but also registers a 0% similarity score on AI detectors. Committed to delivering quality services at an affordable rate, Coursepivot has emerged as the go-to solution for students seeking reliable assistance in removing AI content from their papers without straining their budgets.

Preserve your Initial Arguments

At Coursepivot, our commitment extends beyond merely removing AI content; we prioritize preserving the integrity of your paper’s arguments. In contrast to AI tools that might unintentionally alter original ideas, our manual rephrasing process is specifically designed to maintain the essence and coherence of your arguments. Our skilled experts ensure that the core concepts and arguments remain intact, presenting you with a refined and AI-free paper that not only meets academic standards but also retains the authenticity of your unique perspective and ideas. Trust us with your paper today for a comprehensive and trustworthy service.

Pay for Custom Research Paper

Beyond excelling in AI content removal, our experts specialize in crafting original research papers customized to meet your specific requirements and deadlines. Our proficient writers are skilled in conducting thorough research and delivering unique, custom-written papers that adhere to the highest academic standards. Whether you require a comprehensive literature review, a detailed analysis, or any other component of a research paper, Coursepivot guarantees originality and quality within the timeframe you specify. Trust us to provide you with a tailor-made research paper that not only stands out but also fulfills your academic needs with precision.

Get Credible Sources in your Paper

Recognizing the critical importance of accurate citations in research papers, we surpass mere rephrasing at Coursepivot. Unlike AI tools that may overlook citation nuances, our experts meticulously adhere to citation styles such as APA, MLA, Harvard, or any other specified format, ensuring your paper meets the required academic standards. We understand the significance of proper citation in academic writing, and our commitment lies in delivering papers that not only pass AI detection but also adhere to the stringent requirements of reputable citation styles. Trust us for a comprehensive approach that ensures your paper’s accuracy and compliance with academic standards.

Cheap and Legit way to Humanize AI Content

We prioritize accessibility without compromising on quality. Our commitment to affordability positions us as one of the most budget-friendly options for humanizing AI content. With prices starting as low as $5 per page, we ensure that our expert services are within reach for students aiming to eliminate AI-generated content from their papers. The combination of cost-effectiveness and top-notch quality distinguishes Coursepivot as a reliable and economical choice for students striving to achieve academic excellence while adhering to budget constraints. Trust us to deliver exceptional results without breaking the bank.

Pay for Coursework Writing

Our comprehensive range of services encompasses online exam assistance, discussion post writing, research paper composition, college essay crafting, thesis paper development, and dissertation paper writing. With the guarantee of AI-free content and punctual delivery, we emerge as your dependable partner in overcoming diverse academic challenges. Whether you require assistance in creating a compelling college essay or addressing the complexities of a research paper, Coursepivot ensures the provision of high-quality, authentic work aligned with your academic objectives. Feel free to approach us for affordable assistance with any assignment task.

Frequently asked questions about our Humanize AI Content Services

What does it mean when my paper is flagged as AI generated content by detectors?

When your paper is flagged as AI-generated, it signifies that the writing style closely resembles that of AI tools like ChatGPT or that an AI tool was used in creating the content. Turnitin’s AI writing detection model scrutinizes individual sentences within long-form writing, such as essays or dissertations, to identify patterns consistent with AI-generated prose. It concentrates on the structure and composition of sentences within the broader context of your written work.

How does Turnitin’s AI detection model work in identifying AI-generated content in my paper?

Turnitin’s AI detection model scrutinizes various linguistic and structural features in your writing, comparing them to patterns associated with AI-generated content. It takes into account factors like sentence complexity, coherence, and overall style consistency. By analyzing prose sentences within long-form writing, the model can distinguish between human and AI-generated writing styles.

How do I bypass Turnitin AI detection online?

To preserve originality while circumventing Turnitin’s AI detection, adopt a strategic approach. Independently create unique essay titles to add a personalized touch. Consider AI as a guide, not a content generator, to retain control over your ideas. Exercise caution with premium Grammarly to prevent the creation of robotic-sounding sentences. Avoid the use of spinning bots like Quillbot and rephrase ideas in your own words. Structure your paper with a clear introduction, detailed explanation, and concluding sentence for each paragraph. Ensure proper citation in APA, MLA, Chicago, or Harvard style for a comprehensive understanding. Simplify language, avoiding unnecessary jargon for enhanced readability. Prefer the active voice for clarity and directness, and maintain consistency with 5–7 sentences per paragraph. Additionally, leverage Coursepivot’s expert assistance to ensure authenticity and adherence to academic standards during the rewriting and paraphrasing process.

How much does the Humanize AI Content service cost?

Our Humanize AI Content service is affordably priced, starting as low as $5 per page. The cost may vary based on your specified deadline. To obtain a precise estimate customized to your needs, we provide a free online tool. Simply input details about your paper, and you will receive an instant quote. This enables you to assess the cost of removing AI content and tailor the service to fit your budget and timeline requirements accurately.

Can Coursepivot help me pass Turnitin AI detection online?

Absolutely, Coursepivot is a highly trusted and reliable custom essay service explicitly crafted to help you navigate and successfully pass Turnitin AI detection. We stand as a trusted humanize AI service online. You can opt to pay for professional assistance to eliminate AI content from your essay or research paper. Our experts conduct a meticulous review of your paper, engaging in the manual rewriting and rephrasing of every sentence until the AI similarity score reaches 0%. With Coursepivot, you can confidently submit your work, assured that it is free from any AI-related concerns.

Can Coursepivot write an original paper from scratch without AI content and pass AI detection?

Certainly, Coursepivot excels at producing original papers entirely free of any AI content. We boast a proven track record, having successfully delivered hundreds of research papers that pass AI detection online. Our expert writers are dedicated to crafting unique and plagiarism-free content, often within a short timeframe, and sometimes even within hours. Trust Coursepivot for top-notch, authentic papers that consistently meet the highest academic standards.

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