10-1 Discussion: The Future of Not-for-Profit Organizations Instructions

10-1 Discussion: The Future of Not-for-Profit Organizations Instructions


Throughout the course, you have seen that not-for-profit organizations play a unique role in meeting the needs of humanity. The organizations formed to meet these needs are as diverse as the needs themselves. In this discussion, you will synthesize your learning and apply it to your understanding of the future of not-for-profit organizations.

To complete the Module Ten discussion, answer the following questions:
• Do you see a demand in the future for the services and programs offered by the not-for-profit organization that you analyzed for the final project? Why or why not?
• What role do you see any not-for-profit organization playing in society ten years from now?

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With health care and hospital systems all over the country, I do see a demand in the future for services and programs offered by the not-for-profit organization that I chose to analyze. Everyone need a good health system that will have their back in times of need, the community needs a system that will provide them with the benefits that their civilians require and organizations just like Louisiana Hospital Association can do just that. With the right people and the right funding sources can build bridges that can reach a greater population in a faster amount of time. Especially during emergency situations like CORVID-19 or Hurricane Ida, banding together to not only provide for the community but also for the people and the volunteers that work tirelessly to help them. With more organizations like that they can do wonders for the country and the people alike.

Nonprofit organizations play a growing role in the social and economic well-being of the United States. They provide services, goods and resources to meet community needs and are charitable businesses that provide a way for individuals to work together for a common good and transform their shared beliefs and hopes into actions (National Council of Nonprofits, 2022). America has 1.3 million nonprofit organizations that feed, heal, shelter, educate, inspire, enlighten, and nurture people of every age, gender, race, and socioeconomic status, from coast to coast, border to border, and beyond and there is still room for more and more of what they can do and bring to the table. Nonetheless, in 10 years, I see a lot of things changing for nonprofits like the increase in digital opportunities. How they will be able to reach their audiences will change as technology will advance providing new opportunities to work together and increased efficiencies. I feel like there will be an increase in mental health research innovations. With the increase talk being artificial intelligence the use of it will provide better metrics enabling organizations to be better at identifying engagement patterns, demographic indicators and healthcare usage among community members in care systems that hold back or make the best of recovery for those with serious mental illness (Forbes Nonprofit Council, 2019).

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