Do you think that learning about death can reduce fears of dying?


Do you think that learning about death can reduce fears of dying?


Do you think that learning about death can reduce fears of dying?

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Evidence that supports the argument that death literacy can reduce the fear of dying.

Death has long been a subject that people avoid talking about. This has changed recently with the concepts of death literacy and death education.
Death literacy refers to the skills and know-how that people can develop to make informed decisions regarding their death and end-of-life decisions such as medical proxy or organ donation.
Death education are the set of death-related projects and incidents imparted to healthcare personnel in schools and colleges to sensitize them to death and to teach them how to grieve and handle a loss. This is in the form of seminar talks, academic courses, research studies or clinical experience. At home, the loss of a family member provides a learning opportunity to understand death.
The awareness and comprehension of mortality and death enable an individual to make a better version of themselves and lead a purposeful life.
Being aware also helps them mentally prepare themselves when situation arises.
Evidence that supports the argument that death literacy cannot reduce the fear of dying.

Death is a very serious complicated topic, so knowing more can also mentally weaken the person or make them distracted with the purpose of life.
Some times denial of the negativity helps us focus better on the positive side of life. Denial is considered a healthy defense mechanism.
Understanding the higher purpose of life can be misunderstood or misinterpreted the more they become aware of the truth about death and how it affects their loved ones.
Especially if they have faced a personal tragic loss or death in the family, death literacy can affect them mentally and lead them to depression.
Sample Response
Sensitizing people to death and related decisions is called death literacy. The goal of death literacy and education is to create awareness and understanding about mortality. This enables people to make their lives significant. Creating awareness helps people mentally prepare themselves with enough knowledge and skills to handle end of life situation and related decisions.

The two sides of the argument are:

Death literacy can reduce fear of dying.
Death literacy cannot reduce fear of dying.

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