How do cognitive development and personality influence work roles?

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How do cognitive development and personality influence work roles?

How do cognitive development and personality influence work roles?

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An individual prefers working on the roles given by an organization that are suitable to their cognitive abilities and personality.

Occupation role of a person's demands to follow certain rules to make by an organization to fulfill the responsibilities ascribed to the individual. For instance, the role of an employee demands them to be determined towards achieving their target. The occupational role of a person is affected by two criteria, which are:

Cognitive abilities- There are certain occupations where high levels of cognitive abilities are required. For instance, for a scientist, it is important to have a high level of cognitive skills, which includes higher thinking capability, a high level of attention span, and good memory skills. For a person who aspires to become a scientist, itis important to prepare over and over to improve their cognitive abilities. On the other hand, for a lawyer, it is important to have good decision making and problem-solving skills to solve a case. Hence, different cognitive abilities are important in different fields of work.
Personality- It is the set of behavioral patterns of a person that are influenced by genetic as well as environmental sources. For instance, an army officer is trained for several months to develop a strong personality having traits such as discipline, confidence, and high self-esteem. So, the occupational role has certain demands, which can change the personality of a person. On the other hand, there are certain occupation roles for which a person changes their personality. For instance, to work in an occupation like journalism, a person needs to have artistic and communication skills. The personality factors combined with environmental factors together influence the performance of a person.
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An occupational role consists of the role that an employee performs in an organization to reach the goal that is set for them.

In an occupation role, a person can get influenced by the following factors:

Cognitive abilities of a person include thinking skills, decision-making skills, and problem-solving skills, which are required to explore solutions to the problems. The level of concentration and ability to quickly encode and retrieve information help to perform their roles in an organization.
The personality of a person includes inherited traits that make them flexible in thinking and accepting new experiences, enable them to effectively interact with others to reach the goal of the organization, remain committed to working, accept the mistakes of others, and so on. The personality traits of an individual help them to find a job that fits suitable to their personality.

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