How do people respond to the loss of a loved one?

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How do people respond to the loss of a loved one?

How do people respond to the loss of a loved one?

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Death of a loved one elicits mostly feelings of anxiety, anger, guilt and concerns over how to move on with life. It is often the most traumatic experience in a person's life.

Some people regard the death of an elderly person to be less tragic as compared to a young person or child. A prolonged illness usually prepares the family and friends to the possibility of death. The death of a young person is usually unexpected and therefore, more shocking.

People's response to death is also dependent on the manner of death. A suicide elicits feeling of guilt among friends and family at being incapable of stopping it. A homicide or suicide does not get as much commiseration as other causes of death.

The progression of steps following a bereavement can take up to 6 months. They can happen in tandem or sequentially and have been outlined in the stage theory of grief. The first step is shock or numbness when the loved ones are unable to come to terms with the loss. Yearning-searching is a period of longing for the dead person. Disorganization-despair is the third stage in which the loved ones are completely dejected. Reorganization is the final stage wherein the loss is absorbed and others are ready to move on.

Students have to balance their grief process with their academic commitments. Often, they flounder, facing problems in concentration, feeling demotivated or depressed or other emotional problems and insomnia that can all affect their academic performance. Rate of school drop out also increases.

Sample Response
The common responses to death of a loved one are anger, anxiety, guilt, worries over future.

Unforeseen death is often met with shock and denial in the social circle.

The stage theory of grief states that an individual goes through 4 stages of grief following the loss of a loved one. They are

Overcoming the grief of bereavement takes nearly half a year.

Students face problems in concentrating and performing well in academics following a loved one's death.

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