How do you feel about the NSA gathering data on American citizens? Is it a serious intrusion on privacy?

How do you feel about the NSA gathering data on American citizens? Is it a serious intrusion on privacy?


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How do you feel about the NSA gathering data on American citizens? Is it a serious intrusion on privacy? Or is it a practical protection in the world today in order to keep the nation safe? Should there be laws in place to prevent this? Record your responses on the Community Site discussion board

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To provide security to the citizens of U.S, the government started collecting data that a user browses on the internet using a computer or mobile device. Also, the data that a user sends from or receives on a mobile phone is also monitored. The motive of the government is to track any alarming data that arpuses suspicion of terrorist activity. Even though the government can keep the citizens' personal data safe, data may be leaked in case of a data breach or hacked by a malicious user. In such a case, the citizen's valuable and sensitive data can be compromised.

The digital privacy of the citizens is at high risk by using this strategy. Many of the people in America oppose this practice. This data collection technique is not a feasible and practical solution as the digital privacy of the users' is highly compromised. Users may feel like the government is spying on them, which can make them uncomfortable, especially when people are in a private conversation.

It is also not a full-proof solution against terrorism because not all the activities are planned online or digitally discussed. But at times, some alarming data may be traced and any unwanted activity can be avoided. But this practice may definitely invite the anger and hate in citizens toward the government.

A number of laws can be introduced toward the practice of data collection by the government. The laws may specify at which level, the government is allowed to track the citizens' data. The laws can set a definite limit for data gathering, which should be acceptable by the both government and citizens.

Sample Response
U.S government took the step of collecting the data of citizens that is available on the internet and store that data in mobile devices to monitor

it. This may help to protect them from any terrorist attacks. However, it is not a good practice as it may breach the privacy of citizens. Also, it cannot completely assure the citizen that no terrorist activity can take place in the country. Any suspicious data can aware the government of upcoming danger, but the protection of the citizen and country is totally up to the government taking steps to destroy terrorism actions.

Yes, the collection of data by the government on this level can be considered a privacy issue for the citizens.

It is not a practical safeguard against terrorist attacks but it has definitely invaded the digital privacy of the citizens of A.

It is advisable that the collection of data should be bound by laws. These laws may specify the boundary for data collection, which can maintain the citizens' privacy at some level.

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